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Phrasal Verbs List A with Hindi and Urdu Meanings

Phrasal verbs starting with A in Hindi and Urdu Translation and sentences

English Phrasal verbs List A with Hindi and Urdu meanings and Flashcards. This long list of phrasal verbs will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

Vocabulary phrasal verbs list A and Flashcard for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, CELPIP, UPSC, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, A LEVEL, O LEVEL

Abide by Submit to تقلید کرنا
All Muslims must abide by the divine order.


abound in, with Be in great quantity or number بڑی تعداد میں
The river flowing nearby abounds in fish.

The jungle abounds with animal.


Absent from Not present at some  place غیر حاضر
Why were you absent from the college on Monday?


Absolve from Set free as from some obligation بری الذمہ ہونا
I absolved him from his promise.


Abstain from Withhold oneself from بچنا
The young boy must abstain themselves from smoking


Accede to Agree with راضی ہونا
At last, Ali acceded to his son’s request.


Accord with To agree,  to correspond مطابق ہونا
His actions do not accord with his saying.


Account for To be answer able جواب دہ ہونا
One must account for his misdeeds all by himself.


Accuse of To be guilty of الزام ہونا
He person who was accused of theft has to pay the penalty.


Accustom to Used to of some habit عادی ہونا
It is easy to accustom one to bad habits.


Acquaint with To know جاننا
I am not acquainted with him.


Acquiesce in Accept passively قبول کرنا
It is impossible for a pound nation to acquiesce in defeat.


Acquit of Declare innocent or not guilty بری الزمہ ہونا
He was acquitted of the charge against him.


Act as To perform the function or role of ادا کرنا
His job is to act as an interpreter.


Act for To perform somebody’s duties فرائض انجام دینا
During his illness, his manager had been acting for him in his business affair.


Act on, upon Act in accordance with عمل کرنا
The students act upon their teacher’s advice.


Act out To perform a drama, ceremony etc. کردار ہونا
The scene of the birth of Jesus is acted out in this theatre every year.


Act up Misbehave, act in silly or improper way بری طرح پیش آنا
The kids are acting up.

My car is acting up again.


Add on Make an addition اضافہ ہونا
They are adding on 10% service charges.


Adapt to Make suitable , adjust حالات کے مطابق ڈھال لینا
An intelligent person always adapts himself to the circumstances.


Addicted to Be habitual عادی ہونا
The loss his wife made him addicted to tobacco.


Adhere to Stick to اصرار کرنا
Practical men always adhere to their belief.


Admit to Grant entry to اجازت ہونا
Each ticket admits to people to the party.

He was admitted to the hospital with minor burns.


Admit of To allow the possible of something اجات ہونا
The question of admits of only one answer.


Affiliate to Be attached to ملحق ہونا
Our college affiliated with Punjab University.


Agitate for Demand for a change تحریک چلانا
The public was agitating for the tax reform.


Agree on Accept, agree on some terms راضی ہونا
I hope the company executive will agree on the terms proposed.


Agree with Agree with a person کسی شخص سے راضٰی ہونا
Yu should agree with your father in this state of matter.


Aim at Point or direct نشانہ باندھنا
The hunter aimed at the deer and shoot accurately.


Alarmed at Be afraid of خوف ذدہ ہونا
She got alarmed at the bang a run outside.


Alight from Get down نیچے اترنا
She alighted from the bus and went straight to her office.


Phrasal verbs list and Flashcard A for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, CELPIP, UPSC, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, A LEVEL, O LEVEL

Allude to Refer to briefly اشارہ کرنا
I didn’t understand the points you alluded to in your speech.


Answer back To defend oneself against some charge الزامات سے بری الذمہ پیش آنا
The director of the drama answered back the critics in a recent article.


Answer back To speak rudely or without respect بد تمیزی سے پیش آنا
He is a rode boy, always answering back.


Answer for To accept responsibility or blame for some thing کسی چیز کی ذمہ داری قبول کرنا
You will have to for your crimes one day.

Knowing her well, I will certainly answer for her honestly.


Answer to To be require to اپنے کام یا اعمال کے لیے جواب دہ ہونا
Justify one’s actions to somebody.

You will answer to me to any damage for the car.


Apologize for To seek forgiveness معافی طلب کرنا
You should apologize for your rude behavior.


Approximate to Come near to انداز یا تقریبا
The expenditure to our new house is approximate to one million.


Argue against Express reason against something خلاف رائے دینا
The part secretory argued against the opposition minister.


Argue into To persuade by giving reasons دلائل سے راضی کر لینا
They argued him to withdrawing his complaint.


Armed with Having weapons لیس کرنا
The robbers were armed with pistols.


Ascribe to Attribute to some cause or reason موجب ہونا
His death was ascribed to be a successful businessman.


Ashamed of To feel shame شرمندہ ہونا
The naughty boy was ashamed of himself.


Aspire to To wish تمنا کرنا
Abram aspires to be a successful businessman.


Assent to Agree to a suggestion راضی ہونا
My friends assented to my proposal.



Associate with To be dealing with منسلک ہونا
He was associated with the tasks related foreign affairs.


Assure of Tell someone something positively to dispel any doubts یقین دلانا
She assured me of giving loan worth two million.


Atone for Make amends تلافی کرنا
He is trying to atone for his sins.


Attend on Pay attention تیمارداری کرنا، توجہ دینا
A servant attends on his matter.


Attend to To deal with, to give attention توجہ دینا
I have some urgent business to attend to.

A nurse attends to her needs constantly.


Attribute to To regard as belong to, caused or produced وقف کرنا
This play is usually attribute to Shakespeare.

She attributed her success to hard work and a bit of luck.


Avail of To make use of, to take advantage of موقع سے فائدہ اٹھانا
We must avail ourselves of every good opportunity.


Awake to Aware of, realize something آگاہ ہونا
You must awake to the dangers around you.

Success is for those who awake to the opportunities.


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