Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs list D in Hindi and Urdu translation

Phrasal verbs starting with D in Hindi and Urdu Translation and sentences

English Phrasal Verb List D with Hindi and Urdu Translation. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

Dash off
leave in hungry
تیزی سے جانا یا بھاگنا
I must dash off I am ready late.


Dash off
To write in hungry
تیزی سے لکھنا
Feel free to dash off email to us at any time.


Dawn on
Begin to understand d something
حالات واضح ہونا
The truth finally dawned on him.


Die away
Away to disappear or fading of noise sound voice light breeze etc.
کم یا مدھم ہوجانا
The strange noise finally died away.


Die down
To become quieter or less noticeable like applause,  gossip,  wind, flames, fire etc.
کم یا مدھم ہوجانا
The winds died down at last.


Die out
To disappear gradually like custom, tradition, habits, species etc.
ختم ہوجانا
Many Indian communities are dying out.


Dig over
Dig  something like soil, patch, garden, flowered etc.
He spent the morning digging over the vegetable patch.


Dig up
1.     Search for something and find it.

2.     Remove something from the ground using a fork or spade

تلاش کرنا
1.     I have no answer or that, and I am not sure I want to dig up the past.

2.     If you dig up potatoes and skin rubs off easily, they need more items to mature.


Do away with
Abolish, to get rid of some law, rule, paperwork or tax.
ختم کرنا
They should do away with all that paperwork.


Do in
To be tired and unable to deal with a situation
تھک جانا
I think it was the late hours in the office last night that really did me in.


Do up
1.     Pair and decorate flat, building, cottage, room

2.     To fasten the button, zip etc.

مرمت کرنا
1.     I spent a month doing up the flat and I think it’s quite nice now.

2.     Her hair was done up in a neat bun at the back of her head.


Doss down
Sleep somewhere temporarily
If you can find another blanket I’ll just doss down on the sofa.


Drag on
Very slow and last longer than necessary
جاری ہونا
This electricity crisis seems to drag on for years.


Drag up
Mention some unpleasant fact from the past
کرید نا
This is all in the past. Why are you dragging it all up now?


Doze off
Fall into a light sleep
اونگھ آنا
Judy dozed off while she was watching television.




Draw up
Prepare a list, plan, document, proposal or contract very carefully in writing
تفصیل سے لکھنا
The Police force is drawing up plans to recruit more ethnic minority officers from overseas.


Dream up
Think of something unusual like any idea, plot or scheme
Look at them picture and dream up a sensational story to go with it.


Dredge up
Remind somebody of unpleasant events in the past
یاد دلانا
It’s not good to dredge up the past.


Dress down
To wear informal dress
کپڑے پہننا
Dressing down allows staff to be comfortable and be themselves.


Dress up
To wear formal dress for a special occasion
خاص موقع کے لیے  کپڑے پہننا
You must dress up for this marriage ceremony.


Drop in
Pay a short visit without warning
کہیں جانا
I thought I’d dropped in and say hello.


Drop off
1.     Fall asleep

2.     Becomes less or fewer like attendance, number or interest

کم ہونا، سوجانا
1.     The girl was so tired that she dropped off to sleep at once.

2.     Temperatures will drop off quickly as northwest winds strengthen.


Drop off
To leave a passenger using a vehicle
کسی  کے گھر چھوڑنا
He dropped her off at home and went to work.


Drum up
Try to make people interested in something
شوق پیدا کرنا
They held a press conference last week to try drum up support for their proposal.


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