Phrasal Verbs list N in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

English Phrasal Verbs List N with Hindi and Urdu Translation for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, SPOKEN ENGLISH, CSS PMS, UPSC and other exams. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Nip in
go into a place quickly or for a short time,
تھوڑی دیر کے  لیے کہی جانا
I’ll nip in next week to book an appointment.

Nip off
go somewhere quickly or for a short time
I’ll just nip off to the shops.

Nail down
to state one’s intentions clearly
ارادہ ظاہر کرنا
I couldn’t nail her down to an exact date. Try and nail them down to a price.

Narrow down
reduce or limit something
کم کرنا
They’ve narrowed down the list of candidates.

Nod off
fall asleep unintentionally
غنودگی طاری ہونا
She nodded off in front of the TV.

Nose about, nose around, nose into
Find out things about other people’s affairs.
دخل اندازی کرنا
What are you nosing about here for?

Notch up
achieve something like victory, record, sales, contract etc.
حاصل کرنا
The company notched up heavy gains this year.

Nose out
Discover by searching carefully
تلاش کرنا
He managed to nose out some important facts.

Note down
Write down like address, number, message
We recommend that you find and note down the serial number of your device.