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English Vocabulary Videos through Urdu for Spoken English. Learn Daily used most important Vocabulary Words for speaking English fluently. We are going to cover a variety of English Vocabulary Topics that are explained in Urdu for Pakistanis to make the learning easier ever than before.

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The lessons we are going to cover will particularly be targeting the beginners who have just stepped into learning English language as a second language. Pakistanis often find it difficult to find accurate and suitable words for the message they want to convey but having covered the given vocabulary topics they will be able to overcome this problem.

The Vocabulary Video lessons will help the viewers improve their pronunciation, accent, intonation and ultimately communication skills. For our non Urdu speaking learners we have added Roman Urdu (Urdu written in English Spelling) making sure that they do not miss the opportunity to learn.

Considering our audience we have added contextual and daily used vocabulary topics as per the audience interests.

You will find a Vocabulary Lesson in following formats.

  • Text
  • Images
  • PDF
  • Video

For different learners, we have targeted different mode of communication so that they could learn effectively.

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