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300 Advanced Vocabulary Words for CSS with Meanings and Synonyms

300 Advanced Vocabulary Words for CSS with Meanings and Synonyms

Learn 300 Most Important Vocabulary Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC taken from newspaper.

300 Advanced Vocabulary Words

abate کم کرنا to decrease; reduce
abeyance التوا temporary suppression or suspension
abscond مفرور to depart secretly and hide
abstemious مکروہ moderate in appetite
admonish نصیحت کرنا to caution or reprimand
adulterate ملاوٹ to corrupt or make impure
aesthetic جمالیاتی relating to beauty or art
alacrity شوق سے cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed
alleviate کم کرنا to relieve; improve partially
amalgamate یکجا ہونا to combine into a unified whole
ambivalence چکر the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes
ameliorate بہتر کرنا to improve
anachronism anachronism something out of proper time
analogous مطابق comparable
anarchy انتشار absence of government ; state of disorder
anomalous بے عیب irregular deviating from the norm
antipathy نا پسندیدگی dislike; hostility
apathy بے حسی indifference
appease خوش کرنا to calm; pacify; placate
apprise مطلع کرنا to inform
approbation منظوری approval; praise
arduous مشکل extremely difficult; laborious
artless بے رحمی guileless; natural
ascetic سنیاسی one who practices self denial
assiduous ثابت قدم diligent; hard working
assuage گدا کرنا to make less severe
attenuate کمزور ہونا to weaken
audacious بہادر daring; bold
austere سختی unadorned
autonomous خود مختار self-governing; independent
aver aver to affirm; declare to be true
banal گھِسا پِٹا commonplace; trite
belie یقین کرنا misrepresent; give a false impression
beneficent فائدہ مند kindly; doing good
bolster بلسٹر to give a boost to; prop up; support
bombastic بمباری pompous; using inflated language
boorish گھمنڈ rude; insensitive
burgeon بڑھانا to flourish
burnish جلانا to polish
buttress بٹریس to reinforce; support
capricious موجی fickle
castigation سزا punishment; criticism; chastisement
catalyst عمل انگیز something causing change
caustic تیزابی burning; sarcastically biting
chicanery چکنری trickery ; fraud
coagulate جمنا thicken; congeal;
coda کوڈا concluding section of a musical or literary composition; something that summarizes or concludes
codify میثاق جمہوریت to systematize
commensurate موافق proportional
compendium کمپینڈیم brief, comprehensive summary
complaisant شکایت کرنے والا trying to please; overly polite; obliging; willing to please
compliant مطیع yielding
conciliatory صلح آمیز overcoming distrust or hostility
condone تعزیر کرنا overlook voluntarily; forgive;
confound تزبزب میں ڈالنا to baffle; perplex; mix up
connoisseur ماہر a person possessing expert knowledge or training; a person of informed and discriminating taste.
contumacious سمجھوتہ کرنے والا disobedient; rebellious
contentious متنازعہ quarrelsome; causing quarrels
contrite نادم ، شرمسار very sorrowful for a wrong
conundrum پھل riddle; puzzle with no solution
converge اکٹھا کرنا to approach; tend to meet; come together
convoluted مجرم twisted; complicated
craven ترغیب cowardly
daunt ڈانٹ to discourage; intimidate; dishearten
decorum سجاوٹ proper behavior
default پہلے سے طے شدہ to fail to act
deference احترام respect; regard for another’s wish
delineate بیان کرنا to represent or depict
denigrate ذلیل کرنا to slur someone’s reputation
deride ہنسی to mock
derivative مشتق something derived; unoriginal
desiccate پانی خشک کرنا to dry up; completely
desultory توہین آمیز random; disconnected; rambling
deterrent عبرت something that discourages or hinders
diatribe ہیٹریبی bitter verbal attack
dichotomy دو اجزا میں تقسیم division into two usually contradictory parts
diffidence خود اعتمادی کا فقدان shyness; lack of confidence
diffuse وسرت. منتشر to spread out
digression کھدائی act of straying away from the main point
dirge نوحہ funeral hymn
disabuse غلط فہمی دور کرنا to free from misconception
discerning سمجھدار perceptive; Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment
discordant بد نظمی not in tune
discrepancy تضاد difference between
disingenuous پیچیدہ not candid; crafty
disinterested ناپسندیدہ unprejudiced; objective
disjointed نا امید lacking order or coherence; dislocated
dismiss خارج کریں put away from consideration; reject
disparage مختلف کرنا to belittle
disparate مختلف dissimilar
dissemble جدا ہونا to pretend; disguise one’s motives
disseminate پھیلانا spread; scatter; disperse
dissolution تحلیل disintegration; debauchery
dissonance عدم اطمینان discord; lack of harmony
distend جھگڑا کرنا expand; swell out
distill کھینچنا extract the essential elements
diverge موڑ vary; go in different directions from the same point
divest ڈائیویسٹ to strip; deprive; rid
dogmatic گستاخانہ stating opinions without proof
dormant غیر فعال inactive
dupe ڈوپے to deceive; trick
ebullient ایبلینٹ exhilarated; enthusiastic
eclectic انتخابی selecting from various sources
efficacy افادیت efficiency; effectiveness
effrontery کڑا shameless boldness; presumptuousness
elegy ہیلی poem or song expressing lamentation
elicit واضح to provoke; draw out
embellish سجانا adorn; ornament; enhance, as a story
empirical تجرباتی derived from observation experiment
emulate تقلید imitate; copy
endemic ستانکماری inherent; belonging to an area
enervate مشتعل کرنا to weaken
engender engeender to cause; produce
ephemeral دائمی short-lived; fleeting
equanimity مساوات composure; calmness
equivocate متنازعہ to intentionally use vague language
erudite غلط learned; scholarly
esoteric باطنی hard to understand; known only to a chosen few
eulogy موت کے اوپر خطبہ high praise especially of a person who has recently died
euphemism الفاظ use of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of unpleasant or offensive language
exacerbate بڑھ جانا to aggravate; make worse
exigency افادیت crisis; urgent requirement
extrapolation ایکسپلوریشن the act of estimation by projecting known information
facetious حقیقت پسندانہ joking (often inappropriately); humorous
facilitate سہولت to make less difficult
fallacious غلط based on false ideas or facts
fatuous موٹے foolishly self satisfied
fawning چوپلوسی کرنا seeking favor by flattering
felicitous مبارک apt; suitably expressed; appropriate; well chosen
fervor جوش warmth and intensity of emotion
fledgling بھاگ جانا beginner; novice
flout پھڑکنا to treat scornfully
frugality پھلداری thrift
futile بیکار ineffective, useless; fruitless
gainsay گینس to deny; dispute; oppose
garrulous تیز very talkative; wordy
goad گوڈ to prod; urge on
gouge گیج to tear out; scoop out; overcharge
grandiloquent گرانٹ pompous; bombastic;
gregarious سبزی خور sociable
guileless بے قصور free of cunning or deceit; artless
gullible دھوکہ باز easily deceived
harangue ہرانگ long pompous speech; tirade
homogeneous یکساں composed of identical parts; uniform in compositions
hyperbole ہائپربل purposeful exaggeration for effect
iconoclastic آئکنکلاسٹک attacking cherished traditions
idolatry بت پرستی idol worship; blind or excess devotion
immutable ناقابل تغیر unchangeable
impassive بے چین showing no emotion
impede روکنا hinder; block
impermeable ابھیدی impossible to penetrate
imperturbable بخوبی not easily disturbed
impervious ناقص impossible to penetrate; incapable of being effected
implacable ناقابل تسخیر inflexible; incapable of being pleased
implicit مضمر implied; understood but not stated
implode پھسل جانا collapse inward violently
inadvertently نادانستہ طور پر carelessly; unintentionally
inchoate انچوئٹ imperfectly formed or formulated
incongruity incongruity state of not fitting
inconsequential غیر ضروری insignificant; unimportant
incorporate شامل introduce something into another thing already in existence; combine
indigence غربت poverty
indolent بدتمیز habitually lazy; idle
inert inert unable to move; sluggish
ingenuous ہوشیار naive and trusting; lack; unsophisticated
inherent ذاتی، پیدائشی firmly established by nature or habit
innocuous معصوم harmless
insinuate داخل کرنا to suggest; say indirectly; imply
insipid تیز lacking in flavor; dull
insularity تندرستی narrow-mindedness; isolation
intractable ناقابل تلافی not easily managed
intransigence انتشار stubbornness; refusal of any compromise;
inundate بھردینا – پانی سے بھرجانا to cover with water; overwhelm
inured عادی use to; accustomed; hardened
invective گالی گلوچ verbal abuse
irascible تنگ مِزاج/ چڑچڑا irritable; easily angered
irresolute غیر معقول unsure how to act; weak
itinerary سفر نامہ route of a traveler’s journey
laconic مختصر اور جامع using few words
lassitude سست lethargy; sluggishness
latent اویکت present but hidden; potential
laud تعریف to praise
lethargic سست inactive
levity لیویٹی light manner of attitude
loquacious سخت talkative
lucid واضح اور قابل فہم bright clear; intelligible
luminous روشن bright; brilliant; glowing
magnanimity بڑائی generosity; nobility
malingerer بدنام کرنے والا to feign illness to escape duty
malleable قابل عمل capable of being shaped by pounding; impressionable
maverick آوارا dissenter
mendacious جھوٹا مکار dishonest
metamorphosis میٹامورفوسس change; transformation
meticulous محتاط very careful; fastidious
misanthrope لوگوں سے نفرت کرنے والا some one who hates humanity
mitigate تخفیف کرنا to cause to become less harsh; severe or painful; alleviate
mollify منانا، تسلی دینا to soothe
morose مغموم، افسردہ ill-humored; sullen;
mundane دنیاوی worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday
neophyte اناڑی novice; beginner
obdurate ضِدی (adj.)stubborn
obsequious چاپلوس overly submissive
obviate ختم کرنا to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
occlude وقوع to shut; block
officious مداخلت کرنے والا too helpful; meddlesome
onerous بہت زیادہ burdensome
opprobrium ملامت آمیز – توہین آمیز disgrace; contempt
oscillate آگے پیچھے جھولنا move back and forth
ostentatious نمائشی trying to attract attention; showy; pretentious;
paragon بہترین نمونہ/مثال model of perfection or excellence
partisan متعصب one-sided; committed to a party, group or cause
pathological departing from normal condition
paucity کمی scarcity
pedantic showing off learning
penchant قلمی inclination
penury پنوری extreme poverty
perennial بارہماسی present throughout the years; persistent
perfidious مکار – دغا باز faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy
perfunctory بے اعتنائی superficial
permeable پارگمی penetrable; porous;
pervasive پھیلانے والا spread throughout every part
phlegmatic دھیمے مزاج کا calm in temperament; sluggish
piety تقویٰ devoutness; reverence for God
placate تختی to lessen another’s anger to pacify
plasticity پلاسٹکٹی condition of being able to be shaped or formed; pliability
platitude افلاس stale; overused expression
plethora ڈھیر ساری excess; overabundance
plummet پلمیٹ to fall; plunge
pragmatic حقیقت پسندانہ practical
preamble پیشانی introductory statement; preliminary statement
precarious خطرناک uncertain
precipitate جلدی کرنا to cause to happen; throw down from a height
precursor پیشگی predecessor
presumptuous گھمنڈ rude; improperly bold
prevaricate پھیلانا lie; to quibble; evade the truth
pristine قدیم untouched; uncorrupted
probity امکان honesty; high-mindedness
prodigal فضول خرچ wasteful; extravagant; lavish
proliferate تیزی سے پھیلانا to increase rapidly
propensity جھکاؤ inclination; tendency
propitiate راضی کرنا to win over; appease
pungent تندرست strong, sharp in smell or taste; penetrating; caustic to the point
quibble معمولی باتوں پر جھگڑنا to argue or insignificant and irrelevant details
quiescent پرسکون inactive; still
recalcitrant ضدی – سرکش resisting authority or control
recluse تارک الدنیا person who lives in seclusion and often in solitude
recondite پیچیدہ – کٹھن abstruse; profound; secret
refractory ڈھیٹ resisting ordinary methods of treatment
refute تردید کرنا disprove; to contradict
relegate نچلے درجے تک لے آنا to consign to an inferior position
reprobate عیاش – اوباش morally unprincipled person
repudiate مسترد کرنا to reject as having no authority
rescind بازیافت کرنا to cancel
resolution قرارداد determination; resolve
reticent کم گو not speaking freely; reserved; reluctant
reverent احترام کرنا expressing deep respect; worshipful
sage بابا wise
salubrious مضر healthful
satiate بھوک مٹانا to satisfy
secrete چھپانا produce and release a substance into an organism
shard شارڈ a piece of broken glass or pottery
solicitous اکیلا concerned; attentive; eager
soporific سوپوریفک sleep producing
spectrum سپیکٹرم band of colors produced when sunlight passes through a prism
sporadic چھٹکارا irregular; deviating from the norm
stigma بدنما داغ mark of disgrace or inferiority
authority اقتدار the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes
automate خودکار to apply the principles of automation to a mechanical process
available دستیاب suitable or ready for use; of use or service
benefit فائدہ something that is advantageous or good; an advantage
bias تعصب a particular tendency or inclination
brief مختصر lasting or taking a short time; using few words; concise; succinct
capable قابل having power and ability; efficient; competent
capacity صلاحیت the ability to receive or contain

any general or comprehensive division; a class

category قسم
cease بند کرو to stop; discontinue; to come to an end
challenge چیلنج a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength
channel چینل a navigable route between two bodies of water
chart چارٹ a sheet exhibiting information in tabular form
chemical کیمیائی a substance produced by or used in a chemical process
circumstance حالات a condition, detail, or attribute, with respect to time, place, manner
clarify واضح کریں to make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear or intelligible
classic کلاسک of the first or highest quality, class, or rank
clause شق a syntactic construction containing a subject and predicate
coherent مربوط logically connected; consistent
coincide موافق to occupy the same place in space, or the same relative position
collapse گرنے to fall or cave in; crumble suddenly
colleague ساتھی an associate
commence شروع کرنا to begin; start
communicate بات چیت to impart knowledge of; make known
community برادری a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality
compatible ہم آہنگ capable of existing or living together in harmony
compensate معاوضہ to recompense for something
compile مرتب کرنا to put together
complement تکمیل something that completes or makes perfect
complex پیچیدہ composed of many interconnected parts
component جزو a constituent part; element; ingredient
compound مرکب composed of two or more parts, elements, or ingredients
comprehensive وسیع of large scope; covering or involving much; inclusive