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300 Advanced Vocabulary Words for CSS with Meanings and Synonyms

300 Advanced Vocabulary Words for CSS with Meanings and Synonyms

Learn 300 Most Important Vocabulary Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC taken from newspaper.

300 Advanced Vocabulary Words

abateکم کرناto decrease; reduce
abeyanceالتواtemporary suppression or suspension
abscondمفرورto depart secretly and hide
abstemiousمکروہmoderate in appetite
admonishنصیحت کرناto caution or reprimand
adulterateملاوٹto corrupt or make impure
aestheticجمالیاتیrelating to beauty or art
alacrityشوق سےcheerful willingness; eagerness; speed
alleviateکم کرناto relieve; improve partially
amalgamateیکجا ہوناto combine into a unified whole
ambivalenceچکرthe state of having conflicting emotional attitudes
ameliorateبہتر کرناto improve
anachronismanachronismsomething out of proper time
anarchyانتشارabsence of government ; state of disorder
anomalousبے عیبirregular deviating from the norm
antipathyنا پسندیدگیdislike; hostility
apathyبے حسیindifference
appeaseخوش کرناto calm; pacify; placate
appriseمطلع کرناto inform
approbationمنظوریapproval; praise
arduousمشکلextremely difficult; laborious
artlessبے رحمیguileless; natural
asceticسنیاسیone who practices self denial
assiduousثابت قدمdiligent; hard working
assuageگدا کرناto make less severe
attenuateکمزور ہوناto weaken
audaciousبہادرdaring; bold
autonomousخود مختارself-governing; independent
averaverto affirm; declare to be true
banalگھِسا پِٹاcommonplace; trite
belieیقین کرناmisrepresent; give a false impression
beneficentفائدہ مندkindly; doing good
bolsterبلسٹرto give a boost to; prop up; support
bombasticبمباریpompous; using inflated language
boorishگھمنڈrude; insensitive
burgeonبڑھاناto flourish
burnishجلاناto polish
buttressبٹریسto reinforce; support
castigationسزاpunishment; criticism; chastisement
catalystعمل انگیزsomething causing change
causticتیزابیburning; sarcastically biting
chicaneryچکنریtrickery ; fraud
coagulateجمناthicken; congeal;
codaکوڈاconcluding section of a musical or literary composition; something that summarizes or concludes
codifyمیثاق جمہوریتto systematize
compendiumکمپینڈیمbrief, comprehensive summary
complaisantشکایت کرنے والاtrying to please; overly polite; obliging; willing to please
conciliatoryصلح آمیزovercoming distrust or hostility
condoneتعزیر کرناoverlook voluntarily; forgive;
confoundتزبزب میں ڈالناto baffle; perplex; mix up
connoisseurماہرa person possessing expert knowledge or training; a person of informed and discriminating taste.
contumaciousسمجھوتہ کرنے والاdisobedient; rebellious
contentiousمتنازعہquarrelsome; causing quarrels
contriteنادم ، شرمسارvery sorrowful for a wrong
conundrumپھلriddle; puzzle with no solution
convergeاکٹھا کرناto approach; tend to meet; come together
convolutedمجرمtwisted; complicated
dauntڈانٹto discourage; intimidate; dishearten
decorumسجاوٹproper behavior
defaultپہلے سے طے شدہto fail to act
deferenceاحترامrespect; regard for another’s wish
delineateبیان کرناto represent or depict
denigrateذلیل کرناto slur someone’s reputation
derideہنسیto mock
derivativeمشتقsomething derived; unoriginal
desiccateپانی خشک کرناto dry up; completely
desultoryتوہین آمیزrandom; disconnected; rambling
deterrentعبرتsomething that discourages or hinders
diatribeہیٹریبیbitter verbal attack
dichotomyدو اجزا میں تقسیمdivision into two usually contradictory parts
diffidenceخود اعتمادی کا فقدانshyness; lack of confidence
diffuseوسرت. منتشرto spread out
digressionکھدائیact of straying away from the main point
dirgeنوحہfuneral hymn
disabuseغلط فہمی دور کرناto free from misconception
discerningسمجھدارperceptive; Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment
discordantبد نظمیnot in tune
discrepancyتضادdifference between
disingenuousپیچیدہnot candid; crafty
disinterestedناپسندیدہunprejudiced; objective
disjointedنا امیدlacking order or coherence; dislocated
dismissخارج کریںput away from consideration; reject
disparageمختلف کرناto belittle
dissembleجدا ہوناto pretend; disguise one’s motives
disseminateپھیلاناspread; scatter; disperse
dissolutionتحلیلdisintegration; debauchery
dissonanceعدم اطمینانdiscord; lack of harmony
distendجھگڑا کرناexpand; swell out
distillکھینچناextract the essential elements
divergeموڑvary; go in different directions from the same point
divestڈائیویسٹto strip; deprive; rid
dogmaticگستاخانہstating opinions without proof
dormantغیر فعالinactive
dupeڈوپےto deceive; trick
ebullientایبلینٹexhilarated; enthusiastic
eclecticانتخابیselecting from various sources
efficacyافادیتefficiency; effectiveness
effronteryکڑاshameless boldness; presumptuousness
elegyہیلیpoem or song expressing lamentation
elicitواضحto provoke; draw out
embellishسجاناadorn; ornament; enhance, as a story
empiricalتجرباتیderived from observation experiment
emulateتقلیدimitate; copy
endemicستانکماریinherent; belonging to an area
enervateمشتعل کرناto weaken
engenderengeenderto cause; produce
ephemeralدائمیshort-lived; fleeting
equanimityمساواتcomposure; calmness
equivocateمتنازعہto intentionally use vague language
eruditeغلطlearned; scholarly
esotericباطنیhard to understand; known only to a chosen few
eulogyموت کے اوپر خطبہhigh praise especially of a person who has recently died
euphemismالفاظuse of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of unpleasant or offensive language
exacerbateبڑھ جاناto aggravate; make worse
exigencyافادیتcrisis; urgent requirement
extrapolationایکسپلوریشنthe act of estimation by projecting known information
facetiousحقیقت پسندانہjoking (often inappropriately); humorous
facilitateسہولتto make less difficult
fallaciousغلطbased on false ideas or facts
fatuousموٹےfoolishly self satisfied
fawningچوپلوسی کرناseeking favor by flattering
felicitousمبارکapt; suitably expressed; appropriate; well chosen
fervorجوشwarmth and intensity of emotion
fledglingبھاگ جاناbeginner; novice
floutپھڑکناto treat scornfully
futileبیکارineffective, useless; fruitless
gainsayگینسto deny; dispute; oppose
garrulousتیزvery talkative; wordy
goadگوڈto prod; urge on
gougeگیجto tear out; scoop out; overcharge
grandiloquentگرانٹpompous; bombastic;
gregariousسبزی خورsociable
guilelessبے قصورfree of cunning or deceit; artless
gullibleدھوکہ بازeasily deceived
harangueہرانگlong pompous speech; tirade
homogeneousیکساںcomposed of identical parts; uniform in compositions
hyperboleہائپربلpurposeful exaggeration for effect
iconoclasticآئکنکلاسٹکattacking cherished traditions
idolatryبت پرستیidol worship; blind or excess devotion
immutableناقابل تغیرunchangeable
impassiveبے چینshowing no emotion
impedeروکناhinder; block
impermeableابھیدیimpossible to penetrate
imperturbableبخوبیnot easily disturbed
imperviousناقصimpossible to penetrate; incapable of being effected
implacableناقابل تسخیرinflexible; incapable of being pleased
implicitمضمرimplied; understood but not stated
implodeپھسل جاناcollapse inward violently
inadvertentlyنادانستہ طور پرcarelessly; unintentionally
inchoateانچوئٹimperfectly formed or formulated
incongruityincongruitystate of not fitting
inconsequentialغیر ضروریinsignificant; unimportant
incorporateشاملintroduce something into another thing already in existence; combine
indolentبدتمیزhabitually lazy; idle
inertinertunable to move; sluggish
ingenuousہوشیارnaive and trusting; lack; unsophisticated
inherentذاتی، پیدائشیfirmly established by nature or habit
insinuateداخل کرناto suggest; say indirectly; imply
insipidتیزlacking in flavor; dull
insularityتندرستیnarrow-mindedness; isolation
intractableناقابل تلافیnot easily managed
intransigenceانتشارstubbornness; refusal of any compromise;
inundateبھردینا – پانی سے بھرجاناto cover with water; overwhelm
inuredعادیuse to; accustomed; hardened
invectiveگالی گلوچverbal abuse
irascibleتنگ مِزاج/ چڑچڑاirritable; easily angered
irresoluteغیر معقولunsure how to act; weak
itineraryسفر نامہroute of a traveler’s journey
laconicمختصر اور جامعusing few words
lassitudeسستlethargy; sluggishness
latentاویکتpresent but hidden; potential
laudتعریفto praise
levityلیویٹیlight manner of attitude
lucidواضح اور قابل فہمbright clear; intelligible
luminousروشنbright; brilliant; glowing
magnanimityبڑائیgenerosity; nobility
malingererبدنام کرنے والاto feign illness to escape duty
malleableقابل عملcapable of being shaped by pounding; impressionable
mendaciousجھوٹا مکارdishonest
metamorphosisمیٹامورفوسسchange; transformation
meticulousمحتاطvery careful; fastidious
misanthropeلوگوں سے نفرت کرنے والاsome one who hates humanity
mitigateتخفیف کرناto cause to become less harsh; severe or painful; alleviate
mollifyمنانا، تسلی دیناto soothe
moroseمغموم، افسردہill-humored; sullen;
mundaneدنیاویworldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday
neophyteاناڑیnovice; beginner
obsequiousچاپلوسoverly submissive
obviateختم کرناto make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
occludeوقوعto shut; block
officiousمداخلت کرنے والاtoo helpful; meddlesome
onerousبہت زیادہburdensome
opprobriumملامت آمیز – توہین آمیزdisgrace; contempt
oscillateآگے پیچھے جھولناmove back and forth
ostentatiousنمائشیtrying to attract attention; showy; pretentious;
paragonبہترین نمونہ/مثالmodel of perfection or excellence
partisanمتعصبone-sided; committed to a party, group or cause
pathologicaldeparting from normal condition
pedanticshowing off learning
penuryپنوریextreme poverty
perennialبارہماسیpresent throughout the years; persistent
perfidiousمکار – دغا بازfaithless; disloyal; untrustworthy
perfunctoryبے اعتنائیsuperficial
permeableپارگمیpenetrable; porous;
pervasiveپھیلانے والاspread throughout every part
phlegmaticدھیمے مزاج کاcalm in temperament; sluggish
pietyتقویٰdevoutness; reverence for God
placateتختیto lessen another’s anger to pacify
plasticityپلاسٹکٹیcondition of being able to be shaped or formed; pliability
platitudeافلاسstale; overused expression
plethoraڈھیر ساریexcess; overabundance
plummetپلمیٹto fall; plunge
pragmaticحقیقت پسندانہpractical
preambleپیشانیintroductory statement; preliminary statement
precipitateجلدی کرناto cause to happen; throw down from a height
presumptuousگھمنڈrude; improperly bold
prevaricateپھیلاناlie; to quibble; evade the truth
pristineقدیمuntouched; uncorrupted
probityامکانhonesty; high-mindedness
prodigalفضول خرچwasteful; extravagant; lavish
proliferateتیزی سے پھیلاناto increase rapidly
propensityجھکاؤinclination; tendency
propitiateراضی کرناto win over; appease
pungentتندرستstrong, sharp in smell or taste; penetrating; caustic to the point
quibbleمعمولی باتوں پر جھگڑناto argue or insignificant and irrelevant details
quiescentپرسکونinactive; still
recalcitrantضدی – سرکشresisting authority or control
recluseتارک الدنیاperson who lives in seclusion and often in solitude
reconditeپیچیدہ – کٹھنabstruse; profound; secret
refractoryڈھیٹresisting ordinary methods of treatment
refuteتردید کرناdisprove; to contradict
relegateنچلے درجے تک لے آناto consign to an inferior position
reprobateعیاش – اوباشmorally unprincipled person
repudiateمسترد کرناto reject as having no authority
rescindبازیافت کرناto cancel
resolutionقراردادdetermination; resolve
reticentکم گوnot speaking freely; reserved; reluctant
reverentاحترام کرناexpressing deep respect; worshipful
satiateبھوک مٹاناto satisfy
secreteچھپاناproduce and release a substance into an organism
shardشارڈa piece of broken glass or pottery
solicitousاکیلاconcerned; attentive; eager
soporificسوپوریفکsleep producing
spectrumسپیکٹرمband of colors produced when sunlight passes through a prism
sporadicچھٹکاراirregular; deviating from the norm
stigmaبدنما داغmark of disgrace or inferiority
authorityاقتدارthe power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes
automateخودکارto apply the principles of automation to a mechanical process
availableدستیابsuitable or ready for use; of use or service
benefitفائدہsomething that is advantageous or good; an advantage
biasتعصبa particular tendency or inclination
briefمختصرlasting or taking a short time; using few words; concise; succinct
capableقابلhaving power and ability; efficient; competent
capacityصلاحیتthe ability to receive or contain

any general or comprehensive division; a class

ceaseبند کروto stop; discontinue; to come to an end
challengeچیلنجa call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength
channelچینلa navigable route between two bodies of water
chartچارٹa sheet exhibiting information in tabular form
chemicalکیمیائیa substance produced by or used in a chemical process
circumstanceحالاتa condition, detail, or attribute, with respect to time, place, manner
clarifyواضح کریںto make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear or intelligible
classicکلاسکof the first or highest quality, class, or rank
clauseشقa syntactic construction containing a subject and predicate
coherentمربوطlogically connected; consistent
coincideموافقto occupy the same place in space, or the same relative position
collapseگرنےto fall or cave in; crumble suddenly
colleagueساتھیan associate
commenceشروع کرناto begin; start
communicateبات چیتto impart knowledge of; make known
communityبرادریa social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality
compatibleہم آہنگcapable of existing or living together in harmony
compensateمعاوضہto recompense for something
compileمرتب کرناto put together
complementتکمیلsomething that completes or makes perfect
complexپیچیدہcomposed of many interconnected parts
componentجزوa constituent part; element; ingredient
compoundمرکبcomposed of two or more parts, elements, or ingredients
comprehensiveوسیعof large scope; covering or involving much; inclusive

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