Business Behaviour Idioms with Hindi and Urdu Translation

Business Behaviour Idioms with Hindi and Urdu Translation

Business Behaviour Idioms with Hindi and Urdu Translation. Having learned this lesson you will be able to communicate in your business dealings and meetings. Let’s dive into it…


A rough estimate or figure
تخمیہ /اندازہ
The contractor gave us a ballpark figure for the cost of repairing the building.


Bang for the buck
Value for the money spent
قیمت وصول ہونا
We are able to get much bang for the buck when we advertised on the internet.


Bean counter
An accountant
محاسب /حساب کتاب رکھنے والا
We asked the bean counters to look at the figures in the new budget.


Carry the day
To win complete support
مکمل حمایت حاصل کرنا /میلہ لوٹ لینا/فتح
The manager’s idea carried the day and every one supported him with enthusiasm.


Close the books
To stop taking orders, to end a bookkeeping period
کھاتے بند کرنا
The company will close the books at the end of December.


Gain  ground
To go forward, to make progress
جگہ بنانا/ترقی کرنا
Our company is gaining ground in its attempt to be the best in the industry.


Get off the ground
To make a successful beginning
کامیاب آغاز کرنا
We couldn’t get the new product off the ground but we will try again.


Have one’s finger in the pie
To  be involved in something, to receive money for something
ملوث یا شریک کار ہونا
The new manager has his finger in the pie of many small businesses.


In the black
To be successful, to be making money
کامیان یا نفع بخش ہونا
The new company has been in the black for many years.


In the long run
Over a long period of time
طویل عرصے تک لمبے دورانیے کے لیے
In the long run, this product should make a profit.


Jack up the price
To make a price higher
طویل بڑھانا /لمبا کرنا
The steel company will jack up the price of steel at the beginning of the year.


Make money hand over first
To make money fast and in large amounts
دونوں ہاتھوں سے مال سمیٹنا /خو نفع کمانا
The small ice cream shop is making money hand over first this summer.


Mean business
To be serious
سنجیدہ ہونا
Our boss means business when he tells everyone to work harder.


Saddled with debt
To be burdened with debt
قرض کے بوجھ تلے دبا ہونا /مقروض ہونا
Our company is Saddled with debt nowadays.


Slice of the action
A share in the activity or the profits
حصہ داری/منافع یا کسی سرگرمی میں شراکت
The government wanted a slice of the action from the now business.


Hold the fort
Be a caretaker, act in absence of someone
قائم مقام ہونا/ کیس کی جگہ فرائض انجام دینا
Rashid, could you hold the fort please while I go to the post office?


Break new ground
Do something innovative
کچھ نیا کرنا / نئی راہ پر چلنا
Our company has broken new grounds I  the field of cosmetics.


Hold  all the aces
Be in a very strong position
با اختیار یا فیصلہ سازہونا
Given the high unemployment rates todays, employers hold all the aces.


Bait and switch
Deceptive advertisement
گمراہ کن تشہیر /لبھانے والے اشتہارات
This stone is famous for its bait and switch tactics.


Black market
Illegal buying and selling of goods
چور بازاری
Be careful of what you buy on the black market not always of good quality.


Give a blank cheque
Give complete authority
مکمل اختیا ر
Fahad was given a blank cheque and told to negotiate the best deal possible.


Blue chip company
A company with solid reputation
مضبوط ساکھ کی کمپنی
It’s usually safe to invest in a blue chip company.


Above board
Open, honest and legal
شکوک و شبہات سے بالا/ صاف شفاف
There is no secret negotiation. Our dealings have always been above board.


Business as usual
Everything is normal now
معمول کے مطابق
It was business as usual at the supermarket the day after the hold-up.


Clinch a deal
Reach an agreement
معاہدہ کرلینا/سودا یا معاملہ طے پانا
Zahid’s final argument enabled us to clinch the deal.


Make cold calls
Telephone potential customers
تشہیر کے لیے گاہکوں کو ٹیلیفون  کرنا
In my first job, I had to make cold calls using the telephone directory.


Completely safe or reliable
مضبوط و مستحکم
He signed a copper – bottomed agreement with a distributor.


Cash in your chips
Sell something for profits
نفع پر  بیچنا
Ana cashed in his chips as soon as business started to slow down.


Corner the market
Dominate and leave no room for competition
منڈی میں چھا جانا
By selling computer at low prices, they have cornered  the market.


Dead wood
Useless or unnecessary people or things
فضول یا غیر ضروری لوگ
The new manager wants to reduce costs by cutting out the dead wood.


Do the spade work
Do preparatory or preliminary work
ابتدائی کام
Although I did all the spadework, my name was never mentioned.


In the doldrums
Inactivity, recession
تعطل یا جمود کا شکار
Despite the recent measures, the economy is in the doldrums.
Bail out a company
To rescue a company that has financial problem
مشکل وقت میں مدد فراہم کرنا
The government bailed out the bank to maintain stability in the economy.


Boys in the backroom
People making decisions behind the scenes  
پس پردہ فیصلہ ساز لوگ
The boys in the backroom told us  that the factory will close next years.


By a long shot
By a big difference
بڑے فرق سے
Our company beat out the bids of the other companies by a long shot.


A calculated risk
An action that may fail but has a good chance to succeed.
سوچ سمجھ کر مول لیا گیا خطرہ
The company took a calculated risk when they launched the new computer.


Captain of industry
A top corporation officer
افسر بالا / اعلیٰ عہددار
The president of our company is captain of industry.


Crunch numbers
To do mathematical calculations
حساب کتاب کرنا /جمع تفریق کرنا
The accountant loves to crunch numbers and he is getting high salary.


Draw up a contract
To make or draft a contract
معاہدہ کے شرائط  و ضوابط
The lawyer spent several hours drawing up a new contract.


Go over the book
To check and analyze the accounting records
کھاتوں کی جانچ پڑتال کرنا
We hired an outside accountant to go over our books.


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