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200+ WhatsApp Groups for Speaking English Practice

Join 200 WhatsApp Groups for Speaking English Practice with Native Speakers to Speak English fluently by Vocabineer. You will Practice Speaking English lessons conducted on YouTube. For each video lesson a separate WhatsApp group is created. Please Join the Group according to the video you have just watched. If you haven’t watched our English Speaking Course yet, Please consider click the video below to start watching our English speaking Course right away and become a fluent English Speaker in a few days.

There are various approaches to teach English as second language, one of them is Teaching English through English Sentences structure. We are going to help you learn English speaking through this easiest method, why easiest, it is the easiest method for those English learners who find English grammar learning hard. Through this method learners do not learn all the grammar rules and they can start speaking English from the very first day they have watched the lesson. The reason is very simple, you learn simple Sentence structures and by learning each structure you can convey a particular kind of message. So dear English learners, Let’s start learning English through the easiest method.

Join WhatsApp Groups for Speaking English Practice

Girls should contact +923066010010 and introduce in a voice message to get added in a separate group for girls.

New Spoken English Groups 2021

English Speaking Group 81
English Speaking Group 82
English Speaking Group 83
English Speaking Group 84
English Speaking Group 85
English Speaking Group 86
English Speaking Group 87
English Speaking Group 88
English Speaking Group 89
English Speaking Group 90

WhatsApp Group  Link
Spoken English Class 1 Class 1 ,Class 1b
Spoken English Class 2 Class 2
Spoken English Class 3 Class 3
Spoken English Class 4 Class 4
Spoken English Class 5 Class 5
Spoken English Class 6 Class 6
Spoken English Class 7 Class 7

English Pronunciation Practice Groups

Group Link
Pronunciation Class in 30 minutes 30 minutes Class

Friends, We have created a huge list of WhatsApp groups for Pakistani English learners. Above given WhatsApp groups are specified for English language course whereas we have another huge library of WhatsApp group links to practice speaking English.

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