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French Visual Phrase book provides all the key words and phrases you are likely to need in everyday situations. It is grouped into themes, and key phrases are broken down into short sections, to help you build a wide variety of sentences. A lot of the vocabulary is illustrated to make it easy to remember, and “You may hear” boxes feature questions you are likely to hear. At the back of the book there is a menu guide, listing about 500 food terms, and a 2,000- word two-way dictionary. Numbers and the most useful phrases are listed on the jacket flaps for quick reference.

Below each French word or phrase in this book, you will find a pronunciation guide in italics. Read it as if it were English and you should be understood, but
remember that it is only a guide and for the best results you should listen to native speakers and try to mimic them. Some French sounds are different from
those in English, so take note of how the letters below are pronounced.

you will find the essential words and useful phrases you need for basic everyday situations and for getting to know people. Be
aware of cultural differences when you are addressing French people, and remember that they tend to be quite formal when greeting each
other, using Monsieur for men, Madame for women and Mademoiselle for girls and younger women, and often shaking hands.

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