Muhavare in Urdu with English Meanings and Sentences in PDF

List of English IDIOMS in Urdu Meanings with Sentences PDF English Idioms  with Urdu Meanings and Sentences Used in Daily life Conversation for Exams like CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, IELTS, TOEFL and other exams English idioms in Urdu with PDF Book

Muhavare in Urdu with English Meanings and Sentences in PDF Used in Daily life Conversation and in Exams like CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, IELTS, TOEFL and other exams.

Muhavare in Urdu

1. Above all

سب سے بڑھ کراہم

Ali is wise, hard-working and above all honest.

2. After all


You should help Asad, after all he is your friend.

3. Beneath one’s dignity

شان کےخلاف

It is below your dignity to disobey your teacher.

4. Better half

جیون ساتھی

His better half is a good housekeeper.

5. A bird’s eye view

سرسری نظر

We got a bird’s eye view of city from the top of the tower.

6. Birds of a feather

ہم مزاج لوگ

He will get on well with Adil, they are birds of a feather.

7. To the bitter end

آخری انجام تک

The workers vowed to fight to the bitter end for their rights.

8. Below the belt


You know, it is below the belt to cheat a friend.

9. Broken reed

نا قابل اعتبارشخص

I cannot trust him as he is a broken reed.

10. Bring something to light

سامنے لانا

New facts about the war have been brought to light.

11. Build castles in the air

خیالی  پلاؤ پکانا

To pass examination without hard work is like to build castles in the air.

12. A close-fisted man

کنجوس شخص

He does not spend any money as he is a close-fisted man.

13. Come to terms/make terms

سمجھوتا  کر  لینا

At last they had to come to terms.

14. Come to grief

نا کام ہوجانا

Their plan came to grief in the end.

15. Come to an end

ختم ہونا

The war came to an end at last.

16. Be at daggers drawn

ایک  دوسرے   کے  سخت  مخالف  ہونا

She is at daggers drawn with her husband.

17. Cut something short

مختصر کر  دینا

His glittering career was cut short by a heart attack.

18. A dog’s life

ذلت  کی  زندگی

Death is better than a dog’s life.

19. Fair or square deal

منصفانہ سلوک

Most of the workers do not think that they are getting a square deal.

20. Find fault with

عیب  نکالنا

Do not try to find faults with others, mend yourself first.

21. Go up in smoke

تباہ ہوجانا

Her dream of becoming doctor went in smoke when she could not get admission to a medical college.

22. Be at hand

قریب ہونا

I am working hard as the examination is at hand.

23. Be hard up

غریب,تنگی میں ہونا

He is too hard up to enjoy even a single meal a day.

24.   hard and fast

قائم ،معین

We will have to follow the hard and fast rules of this office.

25. Hair-breath escape/ narrow escape

بال بال بچنا

Adeel had a narrow escape from drowning((ڈوبنے سے.

26. Good-for-nothing

بے کارشخص / چیز

The Government should get rid(چھٹکارا پانا) of those departments which are good-for-nothing.

27. Golden age

سنہری دور

The Muslims remember golden age of their forefathers.

28. Green horn

نا تجربہ کار شخص

The man can easily be tricked as he is a green horn.

29. Golden opportunity

سنہری موقع

Wise men avail themselves of golden opportunities.

30. Heart and soul

دل  و  جان  سے

She loves her son heart and soul.

31. High and mighty


People dislike him as he always tries to be high and mighty .

32. In black and white


Saleem makes every agreement in black and white.

33. In a nutshell


To put it in a nutshell, the show was very exciting.

34. Hold one’s tongue

بکواس بند کرو

Hold your tongue and do not abuse him like that.

35. Hold one’s head high/up

سربُلند ہونا

Those who do noble deeds can hold their heads high.

36. Hold one’s own

ڈٹے رہنا

Although he is new in this race, he seems to be holding his own.

37. Hue and cry


There was a great hue and cry in the battle field.

38. Hold no brief for

حما یت نہ کرنا

You should hold no brief for this criminal.

39. Be at large

آ زاد ہونا

The two robbers are still at large.

40. Lead somebody astray

گمراہ کرنا

Ali was led astray by some of his friends.

41. Leave in lurch

مصیبت میں ساتھ چھو ڑنا

Do not leave your friends in the lurch.

42. Lame excuse

جھوٹا بہانا

You cannot win her favour by lame excuses.

43. In the teeth of

مشکلات کے با وجود

The bill was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.

44. Jack of all trades

ہرفن مولا

Naeem is jack of all trades but master of none.

45. Keep an eye on

نگہداشت کرنا

Please keep an eye on things here until I get back.

46. Keep at arm’s length

فاصلے  پررکھنا

The teachers should keep the students at arm’s length.

47. Keep something dark


They kept their meeting dark.

48. Keep one’s temper

غصے پرقابورکھنا

He could not keep his temper when Ali abused him.

49. Keep open house

مہمان نوازی کو تیار رہنا

He keeps open house for his guests.

50. Keep pace with

قدم  بقدم

Incomes have failed to keep pace with ever increasing dearness.

51. Maiden speech

پہلی تقریر

She impressed us with her maiden speech.

52. Make the best of it

نا  کامی کو کامیابی میں بدلنا

The job was against her taste, but she made the best of it.

53. Make both ends meet

مشکل  سے  گزر بسرکرنا

It is very difficult for the poor to make both ends meet.

54. Make a mountain of a molehill

بتنگڑ  بنانا /رائ  کا  پہاڑ بنانا

Our boss made mountain of a molehill when he fired Ahmad for making a little mistake.

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