Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs list B in Hindi and Urdu translation

Phrasal verbs starting with B in Hindi and Urdu Translation and sentences

English Phrasal Verb List B. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

Back down Accept another person’s point of view or argument قبول کرنا
The company only back down after a worldwide campaign by activities.


Back out To withdraw an agreement,

deal or contract; avoid doing one has promised

وعدے سے پھر جانا
He backed out at the last moment.


Back up 1.       To support someone,

2.        to make copy or computer file as a precaution  four witnesses back him  

گواہی دینا
1.       Make sure that you have some example to back up your arguments.

2.       Back up make sure that your files, so that you can restore them if a virus damages them.


Back up Move backward in a vehicle. پیچھے جانا
We had to back up a long way and try a different.


Bail out Deposit money so that somebody who has been arrested can be released رہا ہونا
He called his father to bail him out knowing that had quite a bit of influence in the city.


Bail out Help somebody who is in trouble مصیبت یا ضرورت میں مدد کرنا
He drew on his family name and family connections to help bail him out of failed ventures in the oil industry.


Bang up To put in prison قید کرنا
He was banged up for drug dealing.


Be back Come back واپس آنا
What time will you be back?



Be off 1.       To leave a place,

2.       something disconnected or it’s not working,

3.       something  event has  been cancelled,

4.       to rotten,

چلے جانا ، خراب ہو جانا
1.       I’m just off to see the solicitor. I should be back around lunchtime.

2.       She’s off to Canada on a business tour.

3.       The power was off for about three hour.

4.       I think this milk is off.


Be out 1.       Something available to the public,

2.       Not to be at home or work

منظر عام میں آنا ، غیر موجود ہونا
1.       When is the new magazine out?

2.       The manager is out at the moment.


Be up to 1.       Doing or planning something bad.

2.       Be doing something.

بری نیت ہونا
1.       I’m sure he’s up to no good.

2.       To learn more about what she is up to, please visit her blog.



Beaver away Work hard محنت کرنا
I have been beavering away on a project all year.


Black out Fain, to lose consciousness بے ہوش ہونا
I blacked out and when I woke up I was in hospital.


Blow out To extinguish match, candle, lamp etc. بجھادینا
I blew out the candles and we ate cake.


Blow over To forget a scandal, problem etc. بھلا دینا
The politician is keeping a low profile until the scandal blows over.


Blow up 1.       Explode

2.       To become  angry

3.       To exaggerate

4.       Fill  air in something

بڑھا کر بیان کرنا، پھٹ جانا ، غصے میں آنا
1.       Terrorists intended to blow up the parliament when the president was asking there, but police failed the plans.

2.       I know to blow up like that was not good but I had been a lot of pressure lately.

3.       Don’t blow up like this. I was also present in the party.

4.       More volunteers are needed to blow up balloons.


Blurt out Say something without thinking such as a new , answer, secret سوچے سمجھے بغیر بولنا
Don’t blurt out answer without thinking.


Boil down 1.       To boil until nothing remains

2.       To produce a summary of something

ختم ہوجانا
1.       The water in the kettle has all boiled down.

2.       The original program I am boiled down to just twenty minutes. 


Boil over To boil and flow over ابل کر گر جانا
The milk boiled over.


Boot out To throw somebody out by face نکال دینا
His father booted him out of his house.


Boss around Giving unnecessary order all the time. روپ جھاڑنا
Stop bossing me around, will you?


Bounce back Recover from something unpleasant حا لات پر قابو پانا
The company went bankrupt, but managed to bounce back with a new management.


Brass off To be angry غصے میں آنا
I’m brass off.


Break down Something stop working like car, machine etc. خراب ہونا
The elevators in this building are always breaking down.


Break down To lose control and start crying روپڑنا
When he told her he is not going to marry her, she broke down.


Break in Enter using force or by breaking the law as building, house, grounds. زبردسستی داخل ہونا
An unemployed programmer has been accused of breaking into a large number of their computer.


break in To  make someone understand سمجھانا
I’ll bring my wife with me, but this is all new to her so I’ll have to break her in gently.


Break off To put an end to something like agreement, engagement ختم کرنا
I was extremely stunned when Yahya and Faiza broke off their engagement.


Break out To begin suddenly or violently like violence, row, rash, etc. پھوٹ پڑنا
A new epidemic of cholera has broken out.


Break out Escape بھاگ جانا
The two criminals broke out of prison yesterday.


Break up To stop like some fight, quarrel, relationship ختم ہونا
1.       Three police man were needed to break up the fight.

2.       The meeting broke up around 100’clock.


Breeze through To pass exam, test easily کامیاب ہونا
In the dream, I was in classroom, taking some sort of test and I just breezed through it, like it was nothing.


Bring about Make something happen واقع ہونا
This bill will bring about the reform of the pension system in our country.


Bring back 1.       To return

2.       to recall

3.       to bring to earlier condition

واپس آنا
1.       He brought me back in his car.

2.       Looking at the photos brought back a lot of memories of my visit to Islamabad.

3.       A week by the sea brought her back to health.


Bring down 1.       To make sb/sth lose power

2.       To lower or reduce sth

3.       To land an aircraft

نچلی سطح پر آنا
1.       The scandal may bring down the government.

2.       The government is trying to bring down the inflation rate.

3.       The pilot brought his crippled plane down in a field.


Bring forth 1.       To give birth

2.       To produce sth

پیدائش ہونا
1.       She brought forth a son.

2.       Trees bring forth fruit.


Bring forward 1.       To move to an earlier time or date.

2.       To propose  an idea

خیال پیش کرنا
1.       The announcement of the result has been brought forward from 10 may to 3 May.

2.       Please bring the matter forward in the next meeting.


Bring in ask someone to come and help مدد کے لیے بلانا
My brother has gone to bring in the doctor.


Bring in Introduce sth پیش کرنا
I suggest that you initiate a campaign to bring in some new laws.


Bring off accomplish مکمل ہونا
I’m glad that she brought off a difficult task.


Bring round , bring to Help someone regain consciousness ہوش میں  لانا
The doctors are trying hard to bring him round.


Build up To build up muscles or strength and to increase sales, speed, collection etc.


بہتری پیدا کرنا
A little practice will soon build up your confidence.


Bump into To meet somebody by chance اچانک ملنا
I bumped into her one evening, and she invited me down to her home.


Butt in To interrupt somebody مداخلت کرنا
You should be sorry to butt me in my conversation.


Butter up To praise someone excessively بے جا تعریف کرنا
Even if he was just buttering her up, the compliment thrilled her.


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