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Phrasal Verbs list E in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

Phrasal verbs list E starting with E in Hindi and Urdu Translation and sentences

English Phrasal Verbs List E with Hindi and Urdu Translation. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Ease off
To be less intense like pain, rain, snow, etc.
کم ہو جانا
1.     The pain eased off after he took the table.

2.     I think the snow’s easing up a bit.


Ease out
To leave a job or place
1.     He was eased out of his job after the allegation.

2.     It took death to ease him out of office.


Eat away
To destroy by eating or by chemical action
خراب ہوجانا
1.     Pollution has eaten away the stonework.

2.     The metal was eaten away by the acid.


Eat in
Eat at home
کھان کھانا
Gillani has changed his habits, now he often eats in.


Eat out
Eat in a restaurant
گھر سے باہر جا کر کھانا
1.     I’m too tired to cook; why don’t we eat out tonight?

2.     She really enjoys eating out.


Eat up
Finish eating
کھانا ختم کرلینا
1.     Eat up children!

2.     Eat up your vegetable!


Egg on
Encourage to do something silly.
1.     They egged him on to drink some more juices.

2.     They egged him on until he finally jumped.


Eke out
To make ration, pension, food, income, last longer
جاری رکھنا
The land is arid and dry so I imagine it’s difficult to eke out a living.


End up
End or stop something after a series of events.
ختم کرنا
1.     You’ll end up in prison if you go on like that.

2.     He ended up homeless.


Explain away
Give an excuse to avoid blame.
صفائی پیش کرنا
1.     She tried to explain away the situation, but he police knew she was guilty.

2.     I don’t know how I’m going to explain that away.


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