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Phrasal Verbs list F in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

Phrasal verbs starting with F in Hindi and Urdu Translation and sentences

English Phrasal Verbs List F with Hindi and Urdu Translation. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Fade away
To be less in quantity, amount like sound
کم ہو جانا
After a moment the noise of the aircraft faded away, and the frightened children came out to play


Fall apart
To disintegrate or fall to pieces like family, life, relationship, car etc.
ختم  ہونا
The building is falling apart.


Fall behind
To remain at the same level or standard
توقع رکھنا
Your school work has fallen behind.


Fall down
To fall accidentally
She fell down and hurt her knees.


Fall for
To fall in love
محبت ہونا
She fell for him and finally married him.


Fall for
To be tricked or deceived
دھوکا کھانا
How could you fall for such an old trick?


Fall off
1.     Fall down

2.     Decrease or become less

گرنا، کم ہوجانا
1.     He fell off his bike and hurt himself.

2.     Attendance has fallen off this term.


Fall on
To attack fiercely
حملہ کرنا
They fell on the retreating army and routed them.


Fall out
1.     To quarrel and stop being friend

2.     To become loose and drop

جھگڑنا، گرجانا
1.     They’ve fallen out over some stupid misunderstanding.

2.     My tooth fell out.


Fall over
Fall to the ground
She slipped on the ice and fell over.


Fall through
To fail to be completed like some idea, plan, project, arrangement etc.
نا مکمل ہونا
The deal fell through for reasons that are not clear.


Fed up
Tired, depressed, bored or no longer interested them.
دل بھرجانا
I’m pretty fed up with her show off tricks and behavior.


Ferret out
To succeed in finding some secret information
She managed to ferret out the secret.


Fight back
Fight with new force, to show resistance
جوش سے لڑنا
She is brave girl and tried hard to fight back her tears on her son’s death.


Fight for
To try hard to achieve
حاصل کرنا
She is fighting for her life in the hospital.

Phrasal verbs list F in Hindi and Urdu

Fight off
To resist and try to avoid it like some infection, cold, illness, attack, enemy etc.
دور کرنے کی  کوشش کرنا
They had to fight of repeated enemy attacks.


Fight out
To settle a dispute
جھگڑا نپٹانا
I can’t help you. You must fix it out all by yourself.


Figure on
To included something in one’s plans
شامل کرنا
I figure on being in Singapore in December.


Figure out
Manage to understand
I just can’t figure her out.


Fill in for
To take somebody place for a short time.
کچھ عرصے کے لیے آنا
My partner is on holiday for a week, so I’m filling in for him.


Fill in
Give them information or detail about something
معلومات دینا
Fill in the application from please.


Fill out
To become larger or fatter
بھر جانا
Her cheeks began to fill out.


Fill up
To make something completely full like glass, car, tank etc.
She filled up the kettle with water and made everyone a cup of tea.


Find out
Discover or get information
معلومات حاصل کرنا
What will she say when she finds out?


Fit it
Get on with a group of people
ساتھ ہونا
It’s difficult for them to fit it with the way of life here.


Flake out
Fall asleep
He flaked out on the sofa.


Flare up
Become anger
غصے میں آنا
She flared up at being called an idiot.


Flick through
Read or look quickly at the pages of a magazine or book
He flicked through the pages of his book instead of studying through.


Flush out
To force to leave a place like some rebels, resistance etc.
جگہ چھوڑنے پر مجبور کرنا
The Angolan armed forces have recently flushed out the rebels from the area.


Fob off
Stop somebody complaining by giving them silly answer
خاموش کرادینا
I keep ringing them and complaining but the just fob me off!


Freak out
React in an anxious, exited and wild manner to something
غصے میں آنا
My parents would freak out if I talked to them about this.


Frighten away
To make leave using fear
ڈر ا کر بھگا دینا
They feel a refinery would frighten away tourists and potential tourism investors.


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