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Phrasal Verbs list G in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

Phrasal verbs list G in hindi and Urdu Vocabulary for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, CSS, UPSC, PPSC, FPSC, IAS, Army, Railway and language exams

English Phrasal Verbs List G with Hindi and Urdu Translation. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Get about, get around
1.     To travel

2.     To become well known

3.     Avoid or escape the effects of something

گھومنا پھرنا ، مشہور ہونا
1.     She’s getting old; she doesn’t get around as much as she used to.

2.     They managed to get around the


Get away
Leave or escape or have a holiday
چلے جانا
They got away in a stolen car.


Get away with
Not punished for something wrong you have done
غلطلی کی سزا پانا
She got away with a fine.


Get back
واپس جانا
I’ll tell her when she gets back.


Get back
Recover something
واپس پانا
He’s started to exercise. He needs to get his strength back.


Get by
1.     Manage to be something

2.     To let something pass

گزرنے دینا،گزارے لائق ہونا
1.     When you’re a student, you have to learn to get by with very little money.

2.     There were so many people that I couldn’t get by.


Get in
To go in a place
سوار ہونا
Get into the car. We’re leaving.


Get into
To become involved in mess, trouble, debt, muddle
پھنس جانا
Don’t use your credit card too much or you’ll get into debt.


Get off
To leave a vehicle
سواری سے اتر جانا
Just as we got off the bus, it started to rain.


Get on
To get old
بوڑھا ہونا
I’m getting on a bit now, but I’ve still got all me faculties.


Get on
1.     Make progress in something

2.     Continue doing something 

ترقی کرنا
1.     How are you getting on with your studies?

2.     He wasn’t an easy man to get on with.


Get on
To take place in a bus, train, plane, horse etc.
سوار ہونا
The bus was full, We couldn’t get on.


Get on with
To have friendly relationship with neighbor, relatives, friends etc.
اچھے تعلقات رکھنا
We must be helpful to get on with our friend.


Get out
1.     To ask to leave a place

2.     Stop being a secret

نکال دینا ، رازافشا ہونا
1.     A security guard told him to get out.

2.     If ward gets out, it could ruin her career.


Get through
1.     Manage to contact someone

2.     Pass some exam, test etc.

3.     Use or spend something

رابطہ کرنا
1.     I couldn’t get through to them on the phone so I emailed them the next day.

2.     We’re sure that you will get through our exam.

3.     He gets through about thirty cigarettes a day.


 Get through to
To make someone understand something
It is really very difficult to get through to the pre-school kids.


Give away
Give something to somebody for free
دے دینا
He gave away all his money.


Give in
Defeated or yielded
شکست ہونا
He’s very stubborn; he won’t give in no matter how much you try to persuade him.


Give out
To distribute leaflet, food, money, information,
تقسیم کرنا
Give out the questionnaires and ask students to complete them.


Give up
Stop something or attempting some activity like chocolate, fatty foods, smoking, job
If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to give up eating sweets.


Glam up
Dress attractively
خوش لباس ہونا
Casual dress is fine, although some of the locals do get glammed up.


Gloss over
Not to mentioned something bad
تذکرہ نہ کرنا
He glossed over painful events and painted a positive picture.


Go about
Start doing something
شروعات کرنا
How did you go about getting this book published?


Go off
1.     To explode or something activated like alarm, bomb, device,  gun

2.     To go  bad

پھٹ جانا ، خراب ہونا
1.     The powerful device went off just meters from the market entrance.

2.     Put the milk in the fridge or it will go off.


Go off
Stop liking somebody
نا پسند کرنا
I liked him at the start, but then went off him rapidly.


Go on
1.     Continue doing

2.     To happen

جاری رکھنا
1.     He went on speaking for two hours.

2.     They have the feeling that there was something fishy going on.


Go about
Talk continuously in a boring and annoying way
بری طریقے سے بات کرنا
You must be bored hearing me going on about it.


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