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Phrasal Verbs list H in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

English Phrasal Verbs List H with Hindi and Urdu Translation for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, SPOKEN ENGLISH, CSS PMS, UPSC and other exams.

English Phrasal Verbs List H with Hindi and Urdu Translation for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, SPOKEN ENGLISH, CSS PMS, UPSC and other exams. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Hand back
To return something to the person who owns it
واپس کرنا
She handed me back the letter.


Hand down
To give or leave something for someone younger
Most of my clothes were handed down to me from my elder brother.


Hand in
To hand over like work, essay, assignment, form
You can hand in your homework on Monday.


Hand on
To give something to another person after one has finished with it.
Please pass on the magazine to your friend.


Hand out
To distribute like leaflets, books, food
تقسیم کرنا
He was handing out free tickets for the concert.


Hand over
1.     To transfer the authority or power to something

2.     To deliver formally

ذمہ داری سونپنا
1.     I am resigning as chairman and handing over to my deputy.

2.     The rebellions have agreed to hand in their weapons.


Hang about/around
To wait or stay near a place
قریب رہنا
I don’t like you to hang around in the street after dark.


Hang back
To hesitate being nervous
Salah knew the answer but hung back for some reason.


Hang on
1.     To grip something firmly for support

2.     To wait

3.     To depend on something

مضبوطی سے تھامنا
1.     Hang on a tight, the cord is getting loose.

2.     Hang on a minute; I need to talk to you.

3.     A lot hangs on this decision.


Hang out
To live or spend a lot of time at one place
ایک جگہ رہنا
He spent his time in Dubai in hanging out at hotels and cafe’s.


Hang up
To finish a phone conversation
فون بند کرنا
She hung up on me.


Hang  up
To finish using something for the last time
آخری دفع استعمال کرنا
Fatima has hanged up this swimming costume.


Haul up
To appear before court or authority for punishment
سزا کے لیے پیش کرنا
He was hauled up before the magistrate for dangerous driving.


Have against
To dislike somebody /something for a particular reason
نا پسند کرنا
What made yoy dislike Ahmed? He’s always been good to you.


Have in
To have a supply of food at one’s home
خوراک ہونا
Have we got enough food in?


Have on
1.     Be wearing something

2.     To be  carrying something in pocket etc.

1.     Rameen was having a brown jacket on.

2.     I’m having no money on me.


Have on/with
To carry something
Have you got your document/passport with you?


Have back
1.     To allow someone to return after having left

2.     To receive something back

واپس کرنا
1.     It so nice to have you back, my friend.

2.     Ask Ali to have his file back after an hour.


Have for
To be likely to result in a particular situation
متوقع ہونا
She’s heading for trouble.



Head off
To get in front of something/somebody to turn them
سامنا کرنا
Police was called to head off an angry mob.


Head off
To act in order to prevent something happening
ختم کرنا
We are trying hard to head off this quarrel.


Hold back
To hesitate to act or speak being afraid
She held back knowing how to tell the terrible news of their mother’s sudden death.


Hold back
To prevent the progress or development
I think teaching all the students using this technique holds the brighter student back.


Hold back
1.     To stop expressing or revealing emotion

2.     To refuse or keep a secret

جذبات پر قابو پانا
1.     The prisoner was sent on a physical remand for holding some important information back.

2.     He bravely held back his tear.


Hold down
1.     To keep something down or at a low level

2.     To keep a job going for a certain period of time

نچلی سطح پر ہونا
1.     The rate of inflation must be held down.

2.     He was unable to hold down a job after his paralysis attack.


Hold on
Please hold on a moment
انتظار کرنا
All our lines are busy, but please hold on.


Hold up
1.     To delay or block the movement or progress

2.     To use or present something/somebody as an example

3.     To rob something using force or threat

روکنا ،لوٹنا
1.     The march held up traffic in the city Centre but there was no trouble or arrests.

2.     She’s always holding up her children as models of behaviour.

3.     Armed robbers held up the bank and escaped with Rs.2000000


Hurry up
Go faster
Hurry up! We’re going to be late.


Hush up
Prevent the public  from knowing some information, new etc.
The government hushed the affair up to avoid a public outcry.


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