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Phrasal Verbs list P in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF

Phrasal Verbs list P in Hindi and Urdu translation PDF for business communication and everyday conversation for basic to advanced learners.

English Phrasal Verbs List P with Hindi and Urdu Translation for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, SPOKEN ENGLISH, CSS PMS, UPSC and other exams. This long list of phrasal verb will help you make your English communication skills powerful and more expressive.

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Pack away
To put something in box or cupboard as it is not needed.
رکھ دینا
As soon as she finished university, she packed away all the notes.


Pack in
To leave some job, course, university as it is difficult to continue.
At the age of 29 he packed in his job as an industrial caterer and moved to Islamabad.


Pack up
Stop working because of some serious problem.
خراب ہونا
On the way home the car packed up and we had to return by.


Pay off
Pay all the owned money and free of debt
قرضہ اتارنا
He won so much money in the card game that he was able to pay off his debts.


Pass out
Lose consciousness
بے ہوش ہوجانا
His father passed out while climbing up the ladder.


Pass up
Don’t take advantage of something
نظر اندازکرنا
Every week you will find an Internet offer that is too good to pass up.


Pass away
To die
فوت ہوجانا
She passed away in very young age leaving two sons and a husband mourning upon her sudden death.


Patch up
To be friends again
دوست بننا
I’m glad to see the two friends patched up.


Pay in
Put money into a bank account
جمع کرنا
The company pays my wages directly into my bank account.


Perk up
Feel more energetic
پرجوش ہونا
Coffee is the perfect drink to perk you up.


Pin against/to/under
To make it impossible for sb/sth to move
ناممکن ہونا
They pinned him against the wall.


Pin down
Force to make a decision or to say clearly what their intentions are
فیصلہ کرنا
It was always hard to pin him down to a definite answer.


Pitch for
To make a bid for something
ہامی بھرنا
Several companies are pitching for the contract.


Pitch in
To offer a help
مددپیش کرنا
We all pitched in to unload the furniture and boxes.


Plant out
Put young plants in the ground to grow
پودے اگانا
It’s too cold to plant the seedlings out, Wait until it’s Warmer.


Play down
Make something look less important
کم اہم کرنا
The nuclear industry is always anxious to policy down the dangers of an accident at a nuclear power station.


Pluck up
To be brave
بہادری کرنا
How did you pluck up the courage to do it?


Polish, off
Eat food completely or finish ft
ختم کرنا
We sat at the table and talked as we polished off the platter of spaghetti.


Pop round
Pay a short informal visit
مختصر وقت کےلیے جانا
Called and said she really needed to talk to me so I said I’d pop round if I could.


Plough into

To crash violently into something

ٹکر ہونا
The car went out of control and ploughed into the side of the bus.


Pull out
To extract tooth, nail, plug
She took a thread and pulled out her tooth that disturbed. Please pull out this nail from my chair.


Pump in
Provide money or resources for something
مہیا کرنا
The government has pumped into a lot of money in the project.


Push away
Move someone to a distance from you
دور کرنا
The angry boy wanted to hit him, but he pushed him away.


Put about/put around
Spread bad or false news
غلط خبر پھیلانا
Rumors were put about that he had a drug problem.


Put forward
Offer some plan or idea for (t consideration or discussion
پیش کرنا
He put his plan forward so the others could think about it.


Put off
Do something at a later date
بعد میں کرنا
The band had to put the tour off until May because the drummer broke his arm.


Put up
Give someone a bed for the night
Don’t stay in a hotel. We can put you up for a few days.


Put up with
accept and unpleasant behaviour or situation
برارویہ قبول کرنا
I can’t put up with his rudeness any more.


Put behind
Try to forget something
Its goanna be such a relief, finally putting all this behind me.


Put by
Put money in the bank
بینک میں پیسے رکھنا
Aliya had started to put by money to be used in the days of her retirement.


Plug in
To connect with electricity
بجلی سے منسلک کرنا
I don’t think the antenna’s plugged in right.


Plough through
To force away through something
مشکل سے جاری رکھنا
The ship ploughed through the waves.


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