Since and For Usage With Examples / Exercise PDF

Since and For Usage With Examples Exercise PDF, Since vs for, use of since and for in Urdu PDF

Since and For Usage With Examples / Exercise is about learning use of for and since in English. People often get confused using these two words while speaking as well as writing. So here you can clear your concept about since and for usage.

Use of “For”

It is used to talk about an amount of time or space. The amount of time could be seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or even years. For is used to specify a period of time.

For + a period of time (Present, past, future)

  • For ten minutes
  • For 8 hours
  • For 7 days
  • For 5 months
  • For 2 years
  • For 3 centuries

Sentences using for

  • She has been sick for three days.
  • We have been living here for three years.
  • I have not seen him for several days.
  • I has been raining here for several hours.
  • He has been in hospital for almost a month.
  • Akbar has been learning tables for several hours.
  • You have been sharpening knife for five minutes.

Use of “Since”

We use since to refer to a point of time in the past.

Formula for using since is this:

Since + a particular point in time.

  • Since 8 o’clock
  • Since February
  • Since Monday
  • Since 1992
  • Since I left college
  • Since the end of last century

Sentences using since

  • We have been living here since 1997.
  • It has been raining since 2 o’clock.
  • I have been preparing for exams since July.
  • He has been living in England since his birth.
  • She has been unwell since Wednesday.
  • We have not been believing in rumors since April.
  • Has the crowd been raising slogans since noon?

Since and For Usage Exercise:

Make at least 5 example sentences for the use of “since” and “for”.

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