1200 Verbs With Urdu Meanings Basic Vocabulary Intermediate Vocabulary

1200 Most important English Verbs In Hindi Download Free PDF SET 8

1200 Most important English Verbs In Hindi Download Free PDF SET 8

1200 Most important English Verbs In Hindi will help you to improve your vocabulary for daily use. 1200 English Verbs are given with Urdu meanings as well as present, past and past participle forms of verb, You can download PDF from the link given below.

1200 words with Urdu meanings PDF 1200 Daily used English words In Hindi Download Free PDF Commonly used English Words In Hindi Download Free PDF Verbs collection with meanings in Urdu / Hindi List of daily used verbs with meanings in Hindi

Word Meaning Past Past Participle
Idolize پرستش کرنا Idolized Idolized
Ignify آگ بنانا Ignified Ignified
Ignite آگ لگانا Ignited Ignited
Ignore کچھ خیال نا کرنا Ignored Ignored
Illude دھوکہ دینا Illuded Illuded
Illuminate روشن کرنا Illuminated Illuminated
Imagine تصور کرنا Imagined Imagined
Imbank بند باندھنا Imbanked Imbanked
Imbibe پی لینا۔ ذہن نشیں کرنا Imbibed Imbibed
Imbrangle الجھنا Imbrangled Imbrangled
Imitate نقل کرنا Imitated Imitated
Indispose ناراض کرنا Indisposed Indisposed
Indulge راضی کرنا Indulged Indulged
Intimate مطلع کرنا Intimated Intimated
Interrupt دخل دینا Interrupted Interrupted
Interrogate دریافت کرنا Interrogated Interrogated
Interpret تشریح کرنا Interpreted Interpreted
Intermix آپس میں ملانا Intermixed Intermixed
Intermarry آپس میں بیاہ شادی کرنا Intermarried Intermarried
Interest دلچسپی رکھنا Interested Interested
Intend ارادہ رکھنا Intended Intended
Insure بیمہ کرنا Insured Insured
Insult ذلیل کرنا Insulted Insulted
Instigate اکسانا Instigated Instigated
Inspire دم لینا۔ سانس لینا Inspired Inspired
Inspect معائنہ کرنا Inspected Inspected
Insinuate عیاری سے گھر جانا Insinuated Insinuated
Inquire دریافت کرنا۔تلاش کرنا Inquired Inquired
Inoculate قلم لگانا۔پابند کرنا Inoculated Inoculated
Inherit وارث ہونا Inherited Inherited
Inhabit باشندہ ہونا Inhabited Inhabited
Infuriate غصہ بھڑکانا Infuriated Infuriated
Inflate ہوا بھرنا۔پھلانا Inflated Inflated
Inflame روشن کرنا Inflamed Inflamed
Issue جاری کرنا Issued Issued
Isolate علیحدہ کرنا Isolated Isolated
Irridiate زیور سے آراستہ کرنا Irridiated Irridiated
Involve شامل کرنا Involved Involved
Invite دعوت دینا Invited Invited
Invigorate قوت دینا Invigorated Invigorated
Invest روپیہ لگانا Invested Invested
Invent ایجاد کرنا Invented Invented
Introcate الجھا ہوا ہونا Introcated Introcated
Intoxicate مدہوش ہونا Intoxicated Intoxicated
Intimidate خوف دلانا۔ڈرانا Intimidated Intimidated
Jangle بکواس کرنا Jangled Jangled
Jeopardize نقصان کرنا Jeopardized Jeopardized
Jog جھوم جھوم کر چلنا Jogged Jogged
Joggle بلانا Joggled Joggled
Join شامل کرنا۔متعلق ہونا Joined Joined
Joke ہنسی کرنا Joked Joked
Jostle دھکا دینا Jostled Jostled
Justify صحیح ثابت کرنا Justified Justified
Judge فیصلہ کرنا Judged Judged
Joy خوش کرنا Joyed Joyed
Jump چھلانگ لگانا Jumped Jumped
Juggle بازیگری کرنا Juggled Juggled
Keel الٹ دینا Keeled Keeled
Note لکھنا۔نوٹ کرنا Noted Noted
Notify اعلان کرنا۔اطلاع دینا Notified Notified
Nourish پالنا۔تقویت دینا Nourished Nourished
Nullify منسوخ کرنا Nullified Nullified
Numerate شمار کرنا Numerated Numerated
Nuzzle ناک چھیدنا Nuzzled Nuzzled

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