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Jobs Vocabulary in English with Urdu meanings

Jobs Vocabulary and Work Vocabulary with Urdu meanings. Important English words about jobs work and freelancing. English Vocabulary about Jobs and Professions

Jobs Vocabulary and Work-related Vocabulary with Urdu meanings. Learn all the Important English words about jobs, work, professions and freelancing.

Jobs Vocabulary

  1. Administrative: of or pertaining to administration, managerial, executive انتظامی، عملی
  2. Apply: make a request درخواست دینا، عرضی گزارنا
  3. Appointment: a job, especially an important job تقرر، تعیناتی، حکم نامہ
  4. Apprentice: a person who learns a job or skill by working for a fixed period of time for someone who is very good at that job or skill کارآموز، مبتدی، شاگرد، امیدوار
  5. Baby: (informal) a project or piece of work that you care about a lot, especially because it was your idea
  6. Background: the type of career, training or education that someone has had
  7. Backroom boys: people in an organization whose work is not seen by or is kept secret from the public
  8. Benchwork: workdone at a workbench, worktable, etc. as in a factory or laboratory
  9. Blue-collar: worker in lower paying manual labour professions (such as miner, construction worker, etc.)
  10. Bonus: dividend, perk, monetary gift مزید نفع یا فائدہ، زائد تنخواہ
  11. Boss: employer, manager, leader افسر، مالک، حاکم
  12. Boycott: to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something) as a way of protestingمقاطعہ کرنا، ترک موصلات کرنا، تعلقات توڑ دینا
  13. Business: used for talking about business compared to things that you do when you are not working کاروبار، تجارت، پیشہ، تجارتی ادارہ
  14. Busy work: work that makes you look as though you are very busy when in fact you are achieving nothing
  15. Call: a strong feeling of wanting to do something, especially as a career طلب رکھنا
  16. Calling: a strong feeling that you must do a particular type of job, especially one that you consider morally good
  17. Career: a job or series of related jobs that you do, especially a profession that you spend a lot of your working life inطرززندگی، معاش
  18. Career structure: a system for making regular progress in your career by moving to a more important job or position each time
  19. Child labour: the employment of children, especially children who are legally too young to workبچوں سے مشقت لینا
  20. Chore: an ordinary job that must be done regularlyروزمرہ کےچھوٹے موٹے کام
  21. Clerk: minor office worker کلرک، منشی، محرر
  22. Coalface: doing the work involved in a job, in real working conditions, rather than planning or talking about it
  23. Co-creation: a way of working together where people from different backgrounds are invited to jointly produce a product or service that will benefit all of them
  24. Collaboration: the process of working with someone to produce something; something that people produce by working togetherتعاون، اشتراک
  25. Colleague: fellow worker ہم منصب، ہم عہدہ ساتھی، رفیق کار
  26. Commute: exchange, replace مبادلہ کرنا، لین دین کرنا، معاوضہ دینا، تبدیل کرنا
  27. Consultancy: the work of a consultancy company, advisership, meeting held in order to discuss a particular issue مشاورت
  28. Contract: agreement, pactعہدنامہ، عہد، ٹھیکہ
  29. Coolie: an unskilled or cheaply employed worker in Asia; a person whose job is to carry things, especially travellers’ bags at stations, airports, etc. قلی، مزدور، بیلدار  
  30. Cover: an arrangement in which a person does the work of someone who is away from work
  31. Cover letter: a letter of introduction sent with other documents to explain more fully their content; a letter enclosed with a package providing information
  32. Coworker: fellow worker, colleague ساتھی کارکن
  33. Daily grind: one’s daily responsibilities; especially a job; everyday routine
  34. Day job: the main job of someone who is also trying to succeed in some other career such as singing or acting
  35. Dead-end job: a job that provides you with no chance of getting a better job بندگلی
  36. Delegation: the process of giving some of your work, duties, or responsibilities to a less senior person or a less powerful person حوالگی، سپردگی، تفویض اختیارات
  37. Demonstration: an act of showing someone how something is used or doneمظاہرہ، دلیل، حجت
  38. Deskbound: working at a desk
  39. Desk job: a job that you do in an office working at a desk
  40. Discrimination: unequal treatment, ability to choose well امتیاز، تمیز، تفریق، شعور، پہچان
  41. Division of labour: the way that the work that needs to be done is divided so that different people are responsible for different parts of itتخصیص کار، تقسیم کار
  42. Employee: a person who works for another person or for a company for wages or a salaryملازم، نوکر، تنخواہ کے عوض کام کرنے والا
  43. Employer: a person or company that has people who do work for wages or a salaryآجر، ملازم رکھنے والا، آقا، مالک
  44. Employment: work that you are paid regularly to do for a person or companyملازمت، نوکری، روزگار، کام
  45. Encore career: a second career that someone has after retiring from the first
  46. Erg: unit for measuring energy or work کام کو ناپنے کی ایک اکائی
  47. Errand: a small job that involves going to collect or deliver something
  48. Ex officio: by virtue of office or official positionسابق افسر
  49. Executive: administrative, operational, having the power to execute laws and policy, manager, a person or group of persons having administrative authority within an organizationعامل، امور کی انجام دہی کا ذمہ دار، تعمیل کنندہ
  50. Factory floor: the workers in a factory; as opposed to the managers
  51. Farm out: to give work to other people to do; to turn over for performance by another usually under contract
  52. Fire: to dismiss someone from a job             ملازمت سے برطرف کرنا، برخواست کرنا، عہدے سے ہٹا دینا
  53. Flextime: a system in which employees are required to work a certain number of hours but are allowed to choose their own times for starting and finishing work
  54. Freelance: working on a short term contract basis for several different companies, one who works for himself and is not employed on a salary basis for a single employerفری لانس
  55. Full-time job: working the full number of hours considered normal or standard    کل وقتی ملازمت
  56. Function: someone’s job or particular responsibility  فرض منصبی،  فرض معین،  ذمہ داری
  57. Gig: a piece of work that you do for money, especially if you are self-employed
  58. Gig economy: a way of working that is based on people having temporary jobs or doing separate pieces of work, each paid separately, rather than working for an employer
  59. Girl Friday: (informal) a woman who is a personal assistant to someone and who does general office work, trustworthy and efficient female office worker who attends faithfully to a diversity of tasks  کسی تجارتی دفتر میں ملازم خاتون سیکرٹری
  60. Graft: illegally or dishonestly acquisition of money ناجائز ذرائع سے پیسوں کا ھصول  
  61. Graveyard shift: working hours between midnight and morning; overnight work shift شبینہ شفٹ، وہ شفٹ جو آدھی رات کو یا اس کے بعد شروع ہو
  62. Grind: hard and tedious work مشکل کام، وہ کام جس میں کوفت اور ناگواری محسوس ہو
  63. Groundwork: base, basis, foundation        بنیاد، جز، ابتدا
  64. Grunt work: the basic, hard work, often physical or boring work that is necessary for something to succeed
  65. Gut feeling/reaction: (informal) a strong belief about someone or something that cannot completely be explained and does not have to be decided by reasoning
  66. Hired: employed, working for pay, mercenary ملازمین
  67. Hoop: encircle گھیرے میں لینا، احاطہ کرنا
  68. Hot desk: a desk or workstation that is not assigned to a specific worker but is shared between employees and is available to anyone in the office
  69. Hot desking: a method of working in which people do not have their own desk in an office but use any desk that is available at a particular time
  70. Incumbency: an official position عہدہ، اسامی، فرض، عہدے کی مدت
  71. Incumbent: presently holding an office or position; person who currently holds an office or position عہدہ دار
  72. Industry: a group of companies which produce a particular product, trade, manufacturing تجارت جس کا تعلق کسی خاص کاروبار سے ہو، صنعت و حرفت
  73. Inequities: unjustness, unfairness, discrimination, bias غیرمنصفی، ناانصافی،  عدم انصاف،  جانب داری
  74. Intern: a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience
  75. Internship: a temporary job that a student or recent graduate takes in order to get experience in the area they want to work in حصول تربیت
  76. Interoffice: between different offices in an organization or company, within a company کسی کمپنی کے مختلف دفاتر کے مابین
  77. Interview: a meeting at which a person is evaluated through questioning (as for a job) ملاقات، دوبدو گفتگو کرنا، انٹرویو
  78. In-work: ineffective غیرمؤثر،بےسود
  79. Itinerant: one who alternately works and travels دورہ کرنے والا، جابجا سفر کرنے والا
  80. Job: work that you do regularly to earn money نوکری
  81. Jobbing: working on a temporary basis; doing add jobs عارضی ظور پر کام کرنا
  82. Jobcentre: government office in a city or town where jobs are advertised مرکزی دفتر
  83. Job description: a list of all the things that someone must do in his job
  84. Jobless: unemployed person بےروزگار
  85. Jobs for the boys: jobs that someone gives to their friends
  86. Job security: the knowledge that your job is permanent as long as you want it to be
  87. Job seeker: someone seeking job
  88. Job-sharing: a system in which two people share the work from a single job, so that each one works for part of the day or week
  89. Labour: work محنت مشقت کرنا، کام
  90. Labour of love: work that you do because you enjoy it or think it is worth doing, and you do not do it for financial gain
  91. Lackey: servant خادم، خدمت گار، نوکر
  92. Lax: lenient, permissive, careless سست، ناپختہ
  93. Lay off: to postpone ملتوی کرنا
  94. Leave: time off, permission to be absent, quit رخصت، چھٹی، چھوڑ دینا
  95. Legwork: work which necessitates much walking or travelling بھاگ دوڑ
  96. Liaison: the job of exchanging information about the work of an organization with people who are affected by it ربط یا معاونت کا تعلق
  97. Line: the way that communication, authority, or responsibility is shared between people in an organization
  98. Livelihood: something such as your work that provides the money that you need to live روزی، معاش، بسراوقات
  99. Litigation: act of legally disputing, process of contesting in a court of law مقدمہ بازی، دعویٰ
  100. Load: an amount of work that a person, piece of equipment, or system has to do at one timeکام کا بار، کام کی مقدار جو کرنا ضروری ہو
  101. Make-work: work that is given to someone so that they have something to do
  102. Manager: one who manage; director; administrator; supervisor; overseer منتظم، ناظم، سربراہ کار
  103. Marzipan layer: the people who have the jobs just below the highest level in a company or organization
  104. Manqué: unfulfilled, unsuccessful ناکام
  105. Menial: pertaining to appropriate for domestic servants; servile; subservient ماتحتی میں کام کرنے والا، گھریلو ملازم سے متعلق
  106. Métier: (very formal) the type of work that you are good at, or the subject that you know most about خصوصی مہارت والا پیشہ
  107. Minimum wage: lowest wage or salary that the law will allow کم سے کم اجرت
  108. Mission: an important piece of work that a person or group of people has to do for a government or large organization, especially one that involves travel خاص مقصد، مشن
  109. Monotask:
  110. Moonlighting: the activity of working at a second job in the evenings or at weekends without telling the tax authorities جزوقتی کام
  111. Neet: abbreviation for Not in Education, Employment or Training; used by the government to describe a young person who is no longer in school and does not have a job or is not training to do a job
  112. Netiquette: internet etiquette, accepted rules for behavior on the Internet, Internet manners
  113. Niche: a job or activity that you are good at and that is very suitable for you مناسب کام
  114. Nonworker: one who does not work; one who is unemployed غیرکارکن
  115. Norm: standard; rule قاعدہ، نمونہ، مکمل مثال
  116. Numeracy: ability to do basic mathematics
  117. Occupation: a job, used especially on forms and in formal writing پیشہ، ذریعہ معاش، کاروبار
  118. Occupational: relating to or caused by your job تصرفی، پیشہ ورانہ، کاروباری
  119. Off-duty: not at work کام سے غیرحاضر
  120. Off-site: a short trip for all the employees in a particular department or company, especially so that they can learn more about each other and how to work together better
  121. Office junior: a young person, often one who has recently left school, who works in an office doing mainly unskilled jobs
  122. Opening: a job that needs a person to do it اسامی
  123. Opportunity: a job that is availableبہترین موقع
  124. Opus: (humorous) any piece of work that someone producesشاہکار
  125. Order book: the total work that a company has agreed to do in the future, which shows how safe its workers’ jobs areآرڈر کی کتاب
  126. Outwork: work done for a company by someone in their own homeگھر میں رہ کر کمپنی کے لئے کام کرنا
  127. Overqualified: over certified for a position; too qualified for a position قابل
  128. Overtime: time spent working at your job that is in addition to your normal working hoursوقت مقررہ کے بعد کام کرنا
  129. Overwork: excessive work; overexertion طاقت سے زیادہ کام لینا، حد سے زیادہ محنت کرنا
  130. Pa: attorney who engages in legal proceedings against a defendant سرکاری وکیل
  131. Paper round: the job of delivering newspapers to a group of homes, or the group of homes that someone has to deliver newspapers to گھروں میں اخبار ڈالنے کا کام
  132. Paper route: a paper round
  133. Paperwork: the part of a job that involves producing reports, keeping records, and writing letters کاغذی کاروائی
  134. Part-time job: working or involving fewer hours than is considered normal or standardجزوقتی کام
  135. Pay grade: the range of amounts that someone can be paid when they are at a particular level in an organization or job
  136. Pay raise: an increase in wages or salary تنخواہ میں اضافہ
  137. Pen pusher: someone who has an office job that is not very interesting or important and involves a lot of paperwork
  138. Pencil pusher: a pen pusher
  139. Pensions: an amount of money paid regularly by the government or a private company to a person who does not work anymore because they are too old or have become ill پینشن
  140. Period of notice: a statement telling someone that an agreement, job will end soon
  141. Piecework: work that you are paid for doing according to the number of pieces of work that you complete rather than the amount of time it takes to do itٹھیکہ کا کام
  142. Pink-collar: pink-collar workers do work with low pay that is traditionally done by women, especially young women (some people find this expression offensive)
  143. Pluralism: (formal) a situation in which someone has more than one job or position, especially in a church ایک شخص کا ایک سے زائد عہدوں پر فائز ہونا
  144. Portfolio working: a way of organizing your work life in which you work for several different employers and do several different jobs at one time instead of working all the time for one employer
  145. Position: a job in a companyمقام
  146. Post: a job, especially one with a lot of responsibility
  147. Posting: a job that someone is sent somewhere to do, usually in another countryتعیناتی
  148. Postwork: (adj.) after work
  149. Presenteeism: the act of staying at work longer than usual to show that you work hard and are important to your employer
  150. Probation: a period of time during which someone who has been given a new job is watched to see whether they can do the job well and stay in the position امتحان، جانچ، پرکھ
  1. Profession: a job that you need special skills and qualifications to do, especially one with high social statusپیشہ
  2. Professional: relating to your work or careerپیشہ ورانہ
  3. Professional development: the process of obtaining the skills, qualifications, and experience that allow you to make progress in your career
  4. Professionally: in a way that is connected with your work or careerپیشہ ورانہ حیثیت سے
  5. Project: a planned piece of work that has a particular aim, especially one that is organized by a government, company, or other organizationکسی مجوزہ کام کا منصوبہ
  6. Promotion: the act of raising someone to a higher or more important position or rankترقی، سرفرازی، رتبے میں بلندی
  7. Prospect: chances of success, especially in a job or careerکامیابی کے امکانات
  8. Punch clock: a clock with an attachment that records the exact time on a card or tape, used to keep a record of the time of something, as the arrival and departure of employees
  9. Pursuit: an activity that you spend time doing, usually when you are not workingتلاش، جستجو، فرصت کا مشغلہ
  10. Quit: to leave a jobچھوڑ دینا    
  11. Racket: a dishonest or illegal activity that makes moneyناجائز طریقے سے پیسہ کمانا
  12. Rat race: a situation or way of life in which there is severe competition; a way of life in modern society, in which people compete with each other for power and money
  13. Recruitment: the process of finding people to work for a company or become a new member of an organizationنئی بھرتی
  14. Redundant: having lost your job because your employer no longer needs you
  15. Reference: in a business letter, a number that tells you who to speak to or where to look for more informationحوالہ دینے کا عمل
  16. Reforms: an action, plan, rule that is meant to improve somethingاصلاحات، تجدیدکرنا، ترمیم کرنا، ترمیم
  17. Resign: to give up (a job or position) in a formal or official wayاستعفیٰ دینا، ترک کرنا
  18. Retire: to leave your job or stop working because of old age or ill healthدست بردار ہرنا، فارغ ہوجانا
  19. Roustabout: a person whose job involves heavy unskilled work
  20. Rule: an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you what you are allowed or are not allowed to doقاعدہ، دستور، اصول
  21. Rush job: a piece of work that is not as good as it could be, because you do it quickly
  22. Sack: to dismiss someone from a jobکسی کو نوکری سے نکال دینا
  23. Salary: an amount of money that an employee is paid each yearتنخواہ، مشاہرہ، یافت
  24. Secondment: a period when you are sent by your employer to work for a different organization or a different part of your organization
  25. Secretarial: relating to the work of a secretaryمعتمد کا
  26. Secretary: someone who works in an office, writing letters, making phone calls, and arranging meetings for a person or for an organizationمعتمد، سیکرٹری
  27. Self-employed: not working for an employer but finding work for yourself or having your own business
  28. Semi-professional: people who are paid for an activity that they take part in but do not do all the time
  29. Semi-skilled: having or needing only a small amount of training
  30. Service: work or duties done for a person or an organizationملازمت، نوکری
  31. Shifts: the scheduled period of time during which a person works
  32. Short time: a situation in which the people who work at a factory or in an office work fewer days or hours than usual for less money because there is not much work to do
  33. Sick leave: time away from work because of illnessبیماری کی وجہ سے باتنخواہ چھٹی، طبی رخصت
  34. Side gig: a piece of work or a job that you get paid for doing in addition to doing your main job
  35. Sideline: a job that you do in addition to your main job, in order to earn extra money
  36. Sinecure: a job that pays you a regular salary but for which you do not need to work hardایسی نوکری جس میں زیادہ کام نہ کرنا پڑے، بےفکری کی نوکری
  37. Situation: (formal) a jobملازمت
  38. Skivvy: a person, in the past a female servant, who does the dirty and unpleasant jobs in a house, such as cleaningخادمہ
  39. Slack: (adj) showing little activity; not busy or happening in a positive wayغیرعامل
  40. Slave labour: work done by slaves; very hard work for which people are paid very little
  41. Slog: (informal) to work hard over a long period, especially doing work that is difficult or boringلگاتار کوئی مشکل کام کرتے رہنا
  42. Slot: a job that someone has a part of a team of people
  43. Speculate: to buy and sell in the hope that the value of what you buy will increase and that it can then be sold at a higher price in order to make a profit
  44. Start out: used about someone’s career
  45. Stint: a fixed or limited period of time spent doing a particular job or activityمحدود وقت کی نوکری
  46. Strike: a period of time when workers stop work in order to force an employer to agree to their demandsہڑتال
  47. Subcontractor: a person or company that does part of a job that another person or company is responsible forذیلی ٹھیکیدار    
  48. Superannuation: money that people while they are working, so that they will receive payment when they stop working when they are old, or the payment they receive when they stop working
  49. Supervisor: a person whose job is to supervise someone or something نگران کار، منتظم
  50. Sweated: (adj) involving workers who are paid very little and who work many hours in very bad conditions
  51. Swindle: to get money dishonestly from someone by deceiving or cheating themٹھگ لینا
  52. Teamwork: work that you do together with other peopleجماعتی کام، اتحادی عمل
  53. Telecommuting: teleworking
  54. Teleworking: the activity of working at home on a computer and communicating with an office or customers by telephone, fax, or email
  55. Tenure: the period of time during which someone has an important job or is an elected officialمیعاد عہدہ
  56. Term: a period of time during which a politician or other official holds their job
  57. Toil: hard work, especially work that makes you feel physically tiredمشقت کرنا
  58. Toiler: people who work long and hard
  59. Trade: a job or type of work that someone is trained to doتجارت، سوداگری       
  60. Tradesperson: a person who works in the building industry in a job that involves physical work and a practical skill; someone who buys and sells goods
  61. Trainee: a person who is being trained for a jobتربیت پانے والا
  62. Training: the process of learning the skills that you need for a particular job or activityتربیت
  63. Treadmill: any type of repeated work that is boring and makes you feel tired and seems to have no positive effect and no end
  64. Undocumented: (adj) not supported by written proof
  65. Unemployment benefit: money that is paid by a company (such as an insurance company) or by a government when someone dies, becomes sick, stops working, etc.
  66. Unpaid: work that you do without getting any money for itبغیر تنخواہ کام کرنے والا
  67. Unprofessional: not showing the standard of behavior or skill that is expected of a person in a skilled jobکسی پیشے کے اصولوں کے منافی، غیرپیشہ ورانہ
  68. Unqualified: who does not have the qualifications needed for a particular jobغیرسندیافتہ، بغیرمناسب تعلیم کے
  69. Unskilled: unskilled people have no particular work skills; unskilled work does not need any particular skillsناتربیت یافتہ، ناآزمودہ کار، غیرماہر
  70. Untrained: never having been taught the skills for a particular jobغیرتربیت یافتہ، جس نے کسی خاص فن کی تربیت نہ پائی ہو
  71. Unwaged: without pay or without a paid job
  72. Vacancy: a job that is available for someone to doاسامی
  73. Virtual assistant: a computer program or device that is connected to the internet and can understand spoken questions and instructions, designed to help you to make plans, find answers to questions, etc.
  74. Vocation: a job that you do because you feel it is your purpose in life and for which you have special skillsپیشہ، مشغلہ، صلاحیت
  75. Wage: an amount of money that a worker is paid based on the number of hours, days, etc., that are workedاجرت، مزدوری،معاوضہ
  76. Walk of life: the job someone does or the position they have in society
  77. White-collar: relating to people who work in offices, doing work that needs mental rather than physical effortتنخواہ دارملازمین، سفیدپوش
  78. Work: the things that you do as part of your jobکام، کام کرنا
  79. Work experience: the experience and skills that you gain in doing a particular jobتجربہ
  80. Workaholism: a condition that makes someone work a lot of the time and find it difficult not to work
  81. Workfare: a government scheme under which people who receive welfare (=money from the government) and are able to work must work, temporary jobs provided by the government in order to create jobs for the unemployed
  82. Working life: the period of time in your life that you work
  83. Workload: the amount of work that a person or organization has to do کام کا بوجھ
  84. Zero-hours contract: an employment agreement in which a person only works when the employer needs them and so has no regular or guaranteed amount of work or working hours


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