Looks and age idioms with Hindi and Urdu meanings

Looks and age idioms with Hindi and Urdu meanings. Idioms related to looks and age. Appearance related idioms. Age related idioms in English

Looks and age idioms with Hindi and Urdu meanings. Age and Appearance related will help you improve your communications skills and will help you make your English speaking and writing skills rhetoric.


Get on in years
Grow old
بوڑھا یا عمر رسید ہ ہونا
My grandmother is getting on in years. She’s no longer able to look after her home.


Knee-high to a grasshopper
Very young and small child
چھاٹا بچہ
Last time I saw Ali, he was just knee-high to a grasshopper.


Long in the tooth
Too old to do something
He’s a bit long in the tooth for a film hero, isn’t he?


Mutton dressed as lamb
Too old to do something
بوڑھی گھوڑی لال لگام
A middle-aged woman who tries to look younger by putting on cloths of younger people.


Fit as a fiddle
In very god health
صحت مند
You may feel sick now, but after a few days of rest, you’ll be fit a as fiddle.


Over the hill
Too old to do something
بوڑھا/زائد العمر
Gran! You say you’re over the hill, but you’re still a super cook!


Rob the cradle
Be in love with someone much younger
خود سے چھوٹے کی محبت میں گرفتار ہوجانا
My uncle married a twenty-year-old girl. That’s really robbing the cradle!


Silver surfer
Elderly person who uses the internet
انٹر نیٹ استعمال کرنے والا بوڑھا
After just a few questions, my uncle was ready to join the silver surfers.


Hopping mad
Extremely angry
انتہائی ناراض یا ٖغصے میں
The student’s practical jokes made the teacher hopping mad.


Legal age
Age when a person is responsible for their actions and can borrow money etc.
قانونی طور پر  بالغ
The young men were not of legal age and could not buy cigarettes.


Wet behind the ears
Young and inexperienced
نوجوان اور نا تجربہ کار
Javed is too young to take on a job like this! He’s still wet behind the ears!


A geezer
A man who is old and/ or eccentric
بڈھا کھوسٹ
On Aazdi Chowk, there was an old geezer begging for money.


On the wrong side of
Looking older
اصل عمر سے بڑا نظر آنا
I don’t know his exact age but I should say he’s the wrong side of fifty.


Over the hill
Very old
Some people seem over the hill at thirty.


At the ripe old age
At a very old age; being unusually old
انتہائی بوڑھا
He could still play checkers at the ripe old age of ninety-eight.


In second childhood
Childlike playfulness in an adult
بچگانہ حرکتیں
My father bought himself a train, and mother said he was in his second childhood.


All skin and bones
Very thin or emaciated
کمزور یا دبلا پتلا
Bilal has lost so much weight during illness. He’s all skin and bones now.


گول مٹول
My niece Sarah is a roly-poly girl.


Bag of bones
Extremely thin, scrawny
کمزور یا نحیف انسان
When Aslam came home from the war, he was a bag of bones.


Down in the mouth
Unhappy, discouraged or depressed
نا خوش، ،پست حوصلہ
You look a bit down in the mouth. What’s the matter?


Over the moon
Extremely pleased and happy
اتہائی خوش
When he sent me flower and a note, I was over the moon.


Fat and sassy
In good health and spirits
خوش وخرم اور صحت مند
She came back from her vacation all and sassy.


Armed to the teeth
Heavily armed with deadly weapons
پوری طرح لیس/مسلح
The bank robber was armed to the teeth when he was caught.


Cut a dash
Be stylish or impressive in your dress or behaviour
لباس یا رویے سے دوسروں کو متاثر کرنا
In his wedding dress, Fayyaz really cut a dash.


Dressed to kill
Wearing attractive cloths
اتہائی پر کشش لباس پہننا
She arrived at the reception dressed to kill.


Shabby; poorly dressed, impoverished
پھٹے پرانے کپڑے پہنے ہونا
The down-at-the-heel student I first met became a successful winter.


Face that would stop a clock
Shockingly unattractive face
کر یہہ صورت /بھدے اور بد نما چہرے والا
You’ll recognize him. He’s tall and thin, with a face that would stop a clock!


Thin on the top
Bald, hairless
Dad’s gone a bit thin on the top in the last few years.


All brawn and no brain
Big and strong but unintelligent
طاقت ور مگر بے وقوف
He’s an impressive player to watch, but he’s all brawn and no brain.


Forgetful; confused
بھلکڑ/تذذب کا شکار
Father forgot his birthday. I recon he’s getting a little scatter-brained.


A face as long as a fiddle
A dismal face
مرجھا یا یا اتر ہو ا چہرہ
When Ali failed the exam, he bore a face as long as a fiddle.


Deadpan face
Showing no emotion; blank
سپاٹ یا جذبات سے عاری چہرہ
Our politicians tell lies with an absolutely deadpan face.


Deceitful or insincere
دوغلا /منافق
I don’t trust Bilal. I find him two-faced.


Red-faced around the cheeks
سرخ گالوں والا انسان
Saima is really ruby-cheeked girl. She is very beautiful.


Have feet of clay
Have a defect of character
کردار کجی یا خامی
All human being have feet of clay. No one is perfect.


A hollow leg
Who eats much; gastronome
پیٹو / بہت کھانے والا
That boy eats so much that have a hollow leg.


From head to toe
All over the body
سر سے پاؤں تک /سر تا پا
She was decked out in flowers from head to toe.


Stiff as a poker
Rigid and inflexible; stiff and awkward
سخت اور بے ڈھنگا
This guy is not a very good dance; he’s stiff as a poker.


As still as death
Immobile; completely still
بے حس وحرکت/ساکن
When the storm was over, everything was suddenly still as death.


Strong as a horse
Very strong
گھوڑے جیسا طاقت ور
The athlete was strong as a horse.



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