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Smell Vocabulary List with Urdu Meanings

Smell Vocabulary List with Urdu Meanings

Learn all Smell Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings to talk about the smell in different aspects. Firstly, smells can of different types, Good or bad, rich or faint, pleasant or unpleasant and there are many other words to describe the smell. We’ll learn important adjectives and other vocabulary words to describe the smell.

Smell Vocabulary List

Word  Urdu Meanings
Smell بُو
Scent خوشبُو
Aroma/Fragrance اچھی اور مختلف خوشبو
Odour بدبو
Stink شدید بدبُو
Faint smell ہلکی بُو
Heavy Smell تیز بُو
Intoxicating smell نشہ آور بُو
Nasty Smell گندی بُو
Pungent چبھنے والی بُو
Nauseating smell قے آور بُو
Smelly/stinking بدبُودار
Savoury Aroma مزیدار مہک
Perfumed/Scented خوشبودار
Fragrant خوشبودار
Earthy Smell مٹی جیسی خوشبو
Flowery/floral پھولوں جیسی خوشبو
Fruity پھلوں جیسی خوشبو
Leathery چِمڑے جیسی بوُ
Medicinal دوائیوں والی بُو
Minty پودینہ جیسی خوشبو
Smoky دھنویں جیسی بوُ
Woody لکڑی جیسی بُو

Smell Vocabulary

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